Messiahs Tribute 2014

Tonight: Messiahs Tribute
A special celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ with music performed by Chris, Diane and friend, Shelton Foxworth.
Like many other things associated with Christianity, "Christmas" is a combination of pre-Christian, Christian and secular celebrations. The Christkind,Santa Clause, Reindeer, Stockings and Chimneys, Elves,Decorated trees, materialism and St. Nicholas  have nothing to do with the birth of Jesus the Christ. The name "Christmas" is a mixture of Christ and Mass as in Christianity and Catholicism.
12-17-14 Hanukkah
Hanuhhah, also known as the Feast of Dedication and The Festival of Lights, begins this week. In Bible study we reviewed the history of this celebration and found it continues to  be relevant today because this holiday is intended to celebrate another time when God delivered his people from oppression, when men of God resisted evil and restored the things of God to their rightful place in Gods temple. After the men of God freed themselves from bondage, rededicated the temple and all that was in it back to the service of God, God honored them with a miracle. He confirmed his approval of their actions by preserving the little bit of oil they had on hand to light the candlesticks in the temple. They did not have enough oil to keep the candles lit as required by God but God miraculously preserved the oil so it lasted eight days (until they were able to process more oil) We set aside this time of year to rededicate our temples/lives to God through our relationship with his son Jesus Christ. We know he will preserve us and keep our oil lit so we may be ready when Christ returns for us. May we continue to resist evil, serve God and live ready for the second coming of our Lord. Happy Hanukkah!

It is important that Christians worship God in spirit and in truth and not mix the profane with the holy.

Before the name "Christmas" was coined, the birth of Christ was celebrated as the Mid-Winter Feast, Nativity or Noel (First Birth). These names are more accurate to describe how and why we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

In the Gospel of Matthew we see that the birth of Christ was a time of reverence, worship, giving and receiving gifts. God gave his son to the world. Christ gave himself to the world. The wise men gave gifts to Christ in honor of his Kingship. Mary and Joseph received Jesus as Christ and so did the wise men.

Worship Christ in spirit and in truth. Remove the secularism from your worship. Give to others in pureness of heart. Receive Christ as your savior.

Celebrate, reverence, worship and honor Christ the Messiah this season and every day of your life and he will give you salvation and abundant life.

Happy Nativity & Happy Noel


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