Charlston Deaths- Words of Exhortation 6-19-15

Yesterday I received a text from my daughter reporting "There was a shooting at a church in Charleston SC. 9 dead. One left by the suspect to be able to tell what happened. Just upsetting and heartbreaking. I couldn't respond, I was grocery shopping, had to wait till I was in my car to respond. Before I responded, I turned on the radio and heard Attorney Jay Sekulow talking about the shooting, next I heard Dr. Brown talking about it and began to get a clearer picture of what had occurred. 9 Christian, African American, men and women had been murdered in cold blood in a church, during a Bible Study. I was immediately troubled. I headed home and barely made it in my house, when my daughter called me on the phone. We began to discuss the details as we heard them to be. My daughter was very upset and emotional about the incident. I sympathized with her but reminded her of the examples we have concerning this type of violence in scripture.

I shared with her information from my study about Solomon's Temple, how he appointed men to guard the gates of the temple. 1Chronicles 9:22-27 (The men were called porters. 24 guard stations were manned in three shifts around the clock; 72 men were needed each week. This totaled 212 men. Their tour of duty lasted approximately every three weeks) ZKJ Study Bible. I went on to emphasize how, overtaking and capturing a cities temple or "Holy Place" was common in Biblical times. The temples were where the most valuable treasures were often kept. Conquering a cities place of worship, meant you conquered the city. I pointed these things out to educate her and let her know, serving God has always been a dangerous practice. This fact has been taken for granted in the US because American Christians have not faced much of this type of persecution and many American Christian churches have watered down the gospel, allowed the "church" to be infiltrated with Greek Organizations and Secret Societies like the Masonic Organizations, none of which have any place in God's house. This has weakened the "church" to it's very core. Many have taught their congregants that "church" is supposed to be a place of tranquility and peace in an effort to grow the church financially and numerically. One only needs to study the scriptures to learn the truth about these matters. Today I followed the news coverage, read articles about the deceased, and tears came to my eyes. My emotions were mixed with sorrow and anger. I became righteously indignant as I listened to the comments made by the presiding judge during the arraignment when he referred to the shooters family as victims and demanded that all recognize that fact, as others protested the high flying Confederate flag that waves from the capitol building in Charleston and as I spoke with locals concerning their plans to convene to discuss the issue at hand. After some reflection, I remembered a prophetic word I received and related information that I'd like to share with you.

5/27/09 Judgment, Deliverance, Day of Reckoning

There will be an eruption: Mt. Suvious, ash, smoke, lava, shall come forth. Will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Will be a cry and a wailing as never before. My judgment is upon them. The day of reckoning is upon them. Exact, exact the accounts for ye have been weighed in the balance and come up short, lacking. What is this judgment? They will ask what evil has brought this wickedness upon us? You will tell them their sin, the sin of rape, incest against children, those sold in to sex slavery. It has come before me as a stench in my nostrils, a vile and putrid aroma. It's a stench to me and I will recompense every man according to his works shall be. MT. Suvious shall bring forth an eruption. it will be a cleansing of the land........We will go forth, reeking havoc on the enemy, tearing down strong holds and pulling down principalities from high places. I see us in the (spirit) like sticks of dynamite, blowing up the enemies camps in these areas........Governments, kingdoms of this world becoming his kingdoms..........Sensed restitution for African Americans due to history of slavery. God will use government to bring this about.

He has seen and known the evil. He is just, he will exact, he rains on the just and the unjust.

On 6/27/09 A guest on It's Supernatural, shared this revelation concerning Americas future; Earthquake in center of Country if it's leadership continues to put pressure on Israel to give up land and compromise with their enemies (Division).........More hardship- suggest stocking up on dry goods i.e. beans, rice, put away some money...........

On 5/23/15 I received a text from another relative reporting; Unofficially Obama has given us (Blacks) reparations. Read the UN "Rights of Indigenous People"

It is true, there has been ongoing unrest in the US concerning inequality and discrimination against African, Black Americans. Remember the children killed in the church during the civil rights movement, MLK's Mother was killed in church, MLK himself was murdered for righteousness sake. Remember the Rodney King uprising. Recently there has been unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore. It is equally true that people of God, prophets and such have been martyred through out history. What happened in Charleston is a reminder and a wake-up call to believer's today. Satan is doing what he's always done. He's trying to conquer!

Todays "churches" should resemble yesterdays. We should guard our sanctuaries the way they were guarded in past times. We need Godly men to take their rightful places physically and spiritually, to take shifts guarding protecting the work of God in each of us as well as our sanctuaries..

Remember God is just. He reminds me today of this and his promises. So I remind you as Gods people, we are engaged in spiritual warfare. We are to be spiritually minded, discerning, and prayerful. God doesn't allow anything to happen in the land that he doesn't first reveal to his Prophets. He forewarned of this "eruption/Division." Restoration comes at a price but God promises Deliverance and a Day of Reckoning to all who have been oppressed.


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