Absolutely Furious Tonight at 7PM EST 6-29-15

I am absolutely furious about the Supreme Courts decision regarding Same Sex Unions.  God does not recognize them as marriages, neither will I.

The Supreme Court is not Supreme in Gods' Kingdom. It has no spiritual authority.  It's jurisdiction is applicable to the Law of the land in the United States.  The Supreme Court cannot make good what God has called evil.  Christians should not honor this ruling in any way, we are commanded to obey the laws of the land until they oppose Gods commandments.

Furthermore, I am furious to know that our president stood before us and had the nerve, the audacity to sing Amazing Grace at the funeral of slain Pastor Clementa Pinckney, associated with the Charleston Church Shootings after his victory concerning the Federal legalization of Same Sex Unions. This is ABSOLUTE CONFUSION. The scriptures make it clear, one can not strattle the fence.  Believer's are to be hot or cold.  There is NO in between, yet he continues to manipulate this issue and portray himself as a believer.  This is absolutely DECEITFUL.   

Shame on  Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church for permitting this wolf in sheep's clothing to stand behind it's pulpit at such a time as this.  We denounce your actionsWe do not stand with you as representatives of God.  You are obviously a seeker friendly organization, not a house of God.  Believers in Christ are not obligated to obey any law that contradicts Gods' Law.  In fact we are commanded to abstain from sin in every way shape and form.  It is sinful to support sexual abuse and sexual perversion in any way.  The fact that our president condones this behavior speaks volumes about his spiritual condition.  The fact that churches like EAMEC praise and bow to his wicked agenda, speaks volumes about their spiritual condition.  Believer's are not to be partakers in any other mans sins.  Sexual perversion is confusion and it brings on more confusion.

Be reminded that God is not mocked. Every man/woman will reap what they sow.  It is better to serve Sin outright than to profess to be a Christian/Follower of Christ and be against him.







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