A Mixed Bag 1-2-17

Encore: Loving One Another


A year has ended. A new one has begun according to our secular calandar.  According to the Jewish calandar we still have up till September before a new year begins.  2016 was so full of happenings and adventure I must sigh (inhale and exhale) as we continue switching gears at Equipping the Saints Ministries.  These events brought on our share of joy and pain so the past year has been a mixed bag for us.

As I look back on 2016 I recall one of the Prophetic Words I stumbled across last year which stated the Lord would be realigning his people and giving them new assignments.  That was so true for us and it was also true of others we know.

For us that has included completing a school of ministry, ending unfruitful relationships, partnering with Christ Chapel Mountain Top in Manassas Virginia, a new church and ministry, our increased responsibility and involvement with Bethany Inc., a non-profit business who's mission is to reduce homelessness in Washington DC by building stronger families as well as continuing our outreach efforts through Christopher's involvement with men's basketball and our involvement with this radio program although we had to reduce the amount of hours spent due to the extra committments mentioned. 

Now, more than ever we understand the importance of being pliable and moldable in God's hands and we know the new year will require more of the same.  With the realignment and new assignments, we realize one thing hasn't and will not change.  That is the need to Love God and Love One Another.

Thank you for listening last year.  We are expecting to resume broadcasting live shows soon.  We also pray you have been enriched by our program and we pray you will keep listening.


Enjoy tonight's Encore: Loving One Another

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