2-25-14 Featured Invetors - Jill Carreiro, CleverRelish - Paula Padgett Hege, The Rein Coat Pet Harness

Jill Carreiro, CleverRelish

CleverRelishTM aims to create and provide clever products to solve life's little, and sometimes big, parenting problems. Through partnership with the undiscovered genius of parents across America, we will deliver smart products that dress up your life while empowering the growth of strong families.

Where it all began

CleverRelish was founded in by Jill Carreiro, an engineer, salesperson, lifelong tinkerer and thankful momma to three little ones ranging from 3 to 7 years old (and another on the way!) That's nearly SIX straight years of diaper changing! Six years of looking at the same ugly plastic baby wipes tub at every diaper change.

Then one day she had an "aha" moment: Why don't we just make it a part of the decor!

As a busy wife, mother, and businesswoman, Jill's cool idea was put aside for a bit. She worked hard, moving up the corporate ladder and leading teams of great people.

For more information visit: www.cleverrelish.com

Paula Padgett Hege, The Rein Coat Pet Harness

The Rein Coat® is a therapeutic calming coat that is being well received throughout the pet industry. The technology of The Rein Coat® is totally different than other dog shirts that are tight fitting and restrictive.

What is The Rein Coat®?
The Rein Coat®, is a patent pending therapeutic "calming coat" that's a harness and a coat that reduces the anxiety of scared, oversensitive, frightened, alarmed and aggressive pets. The exterior of the coat is water resistant with a plush interior that keeps your pet warm. The Rein Coat® is designed to provide a custom fit for all shapes and sizes of dogs and cats with its unique strapping system. The Rein Coat® fits dogs from 5 pounds to 250 pounds with neck sizes ranging from 6 inches to 35 inches. There is no other K-9 garment that will accommodate a wide array of dogs, from toy breeds to giant breeds. We are the only product in the world that works in this innovative, gentle and nurturing fashion!

How does The Rein Coat® work?
The Rein Coat® works by replicating a naturally occurring behavior between animals and their offspring in a gentle and nurturing manner. Picture this: A mother dog picks up her puppy by the scruff of his neck instantly calming the puppy. The puppy relaxes and almost goes limp because he knows his mommy is taking him safely out of harm's way. The Rein Coat® is designed to lightly touch your pet on the nape of the neck (just like the mommy dog) triggering the production of oxytocin released by the brain which then reduces fear and anxiety in your pet. In numerous trials The Rein Coat® has proven effective in reducing anxieties while allowing your pet to move freely with no constraint. The Rein Coat® offers a safe, affordable, drug-free solution to all types of pet anxieties.

For more information visit: www.TheReinCoat.com

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