10-21-14 Featured Inventor - Judy Welden, Bandana Hat

Just imagine .... an attractive, versatile hat style that would give you 12 different looks with just one purchase!  This is what one of the 6 styles Judy Welden invented for women, men and girls.  The Bandana Hat® , is destined to become THE Casual Hat for both genders.

Bandana Hat ® provides people of all ages with an attractive, versatile, affordable hat that can be interchanged to match any style or look. This easy-to-produce, innovative product comprises a bandana with a flexible, plastic headband that runs through an opening along the seam of the bandana to secure it around the wearer’s head. The headband is removable for washing, as needed, and enables bandana to have two different looks, depending upon whether it is slanted behind the ears or vertically straight, ending at top of ears. The bandana also has a visor that can be worn in three different ways—extended outward, over the top, or tucked underneath. One style of the Bandana Hat® is reversible, and the wearer has the choice of which side they want facing outward. When this style includes the 3-way visor, the two ways to wear on head plus 2 sides of the bandana, the wearer has a choice of twelve (12) looks with one purchase. Single or reversible styles without a visor, as well as small sizes for children, are also options for manufacturing. The Bandana Hat® may also have an attachable visor with hook-and-loop fasteners to use on hat styles without a visor. All these (6) styles are available with one license.

Problems Solved by the Invention

• The stylish Bandana Hat ® stays on the head because of the unseen headband which holds it securely and comfortably.
• In the case of the larger style that is for both men & women with hair loss, it has an attached knit cap under the bandana scarf which comfortably protects a bald or balding head. In the case of men who work and play out doors, it covers the neck and ears, if desired. Depends on how it is tied behind head.
• The Bandana Hat ® (each of the styles) protect the head and/or one's hair from the elements more so than other hats on the market.
• Whereas the unseen headband is useful to keep the Bandana Hat ® on the head, it is removable if wearer chooses not to have it there.
• For those who choose not to have a visor showing, the unique, 3-way visor of the Bandana Hat ® can be tucked under or folded up over the top of the scarf.

Click Here to visit the Bandana Hat website.

Click Here to listen to our interview with Judy Welden LIVE on October 21st, or download the podcast at your convenience.

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