11-10-15 Featured Inventor and Creator, Lillian Campos, Good Wish Umbrella – A Chic Ribbon Bouquet for any celebration

The Good Wish Umbrella® serves a purpose that provides a memento and beautiful display for celebrations such as bridal and baby showers. It is for the women who are looking for new trends that substitutes that flimsy paper plate that woman have been using for so long. Take a tradition that's normally tacky and flimsy to a chic display any bride or new mom will be proud of!

We asked Lillian Campos, CEO and Founder of Good Wish Umbrella...How did it all begin?

I was employed as a waitress by Land & Sea Restaurant in Harrison NY in 1997. We catered many private events. The most memorable ones were bridal and baby showers, it was just so much fun to watch. Through the years I witnessed one tradition that bridal and baby showers had in common; the making of a bow-hat also to be used as a practice bouquet. This was made while opening gifts they would assign a person to tape, staple, poke holes on to a paper plate symbolizing good luck, and fortune showering with gifts to help the recipient in the transition of her new life or for the babies necessities.

One day at one of these events I was approached by a young woman and asked if we had a paper plate available and she needed to borrow scissors and tape. I knew then what she was going to do with it. I noticed that there was a great demand for this tradition. I asked myself; How come there is nothing in the market for this tradition?

I started sketching and writing notes while working, thus the Good Wish Umbrella® was born. I decided to design it in the shape of an umbrella to give appeal to the occasions. The Good Wish Umbrella® is an all-in-one keepsake for a diverse use that can be passed down to generations. In 2002, I filed for a patent and in 2005 I received the good news that my patent was granted. I needed a name to brand the product I thought that Good Wish Umbrella® was appropriate because all bridal and baby showers are full of good wishes.

Because Good Wish Umbrella® was making such a big splash, I wanted to incorporate other functions into the patent design for multiple uses like centerpieces making the product even more functional. With this new concept there were many ways to enjoy the ribbon bouquet!!!

I heard about a casting show for inventors called Everyday Edisons (Bouncing Brains Productions Season Three) in Providence, Rhode Island and went. I've never seen so many inventors in one place, it was a long day. It was time for my pitch in front of a panel of three Judges and got all three yeses from the Judges. My invention was chosen for final consideration but not fit for the show. I was just happy that I got a good feedback from all three judges. I was born in NYC and raised in Puerto Rico returned when I was 18yrs old. I became an entrepreneur at age 42 not knowing what to expect. I didn't even know how to send an attachment on an email nor anything about computers but I've come a long way. I have struggled and still struggling to make the business successful. In the past I've hired various website developers but there were always something's wrong that set me behind almost to the point of giving up, but I know that I have a product that women want. I currently work from home hoping to expand into a more appropriate location. One word of advice to others is not to establish a business without some computer knowledge so that you can be independent. Our award winning brand is currently manufacture in Meriden, Connecticut making the Good Wish Umbrella® an American Made Product, which is something I'm very proud of!

Click here to visit the Goodwish Umbrella website and purchase this product for someone you love!

Listen to our interview with Lillian Campos LIVE on November 10, 2015 at 11:30 AM CST, or download the podcast at your convenience.


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