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On today's show we're talking about all things social media.

The first segment covers why people are on social media in the first place and how you as a business can tap into it the social media information stream.

The second segment covers the five steps to growing your social media following.

The third segment discovers how to link your blog and content to social media for maximum engagement, page views and establishing your expertise in the industry.  This segment is critical to helping businesses understand their role AS the media in the world of press.

The forth segment answers the question asked by all my clients: What should I say in social media to really create a base of raving fans? This segment address what posts are necessary to build your fan base, and cultivate it to turn your followers into your fortune.

Download the Social Media Business Blueprint here.


Social Media is constantly changing, which is why Michelle invests time and money every year into staying up to date on the latest strategies.  If you’re looking for a content rich (and not boring) speaker, book Michelle for your next business conference or event.

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