Today's Show: The Power of Starting Something Stupid with Bestselling Author Richie Norton

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What if the smartest people in the world understand something that the rest of us don't? (They do.) What if they know that in order to achieve success, they will sometimes have to do things that others may initially perceive as stupid?The fact of the matter is that the smartest people in the world don't run from stupid, they lean into it (in a smart way).

Join bestselling author, Richie Norton and me on Make It Happen Radio as we discuss how YOU, too can start something stupid and thrive.

In The Power of Starting Something Stupid, Richie Norton redefines stupid as we know it, demonstrating that life-changing ideas are often tragically mislabeled stupid. Learn how to crush fear, make dreams happen and live without regret by starting your own stupid ideas. Richie shows you how stupid is the New Smart—the common denominator for success, creativity, and innovation in business and life.

RICHIE NORTON is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller The Power of Starting Something Stupid as well as the popular blog, Start Stuff. Pacific Business News recognized Richie as one of the top Forty Under 40 "best and brightest young businessmen" in Hawaii. He is an entrepreneur, a sought-after speaker, and an international business development consultant. Richie is happily married to Natalie, and they have four sons.

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NATALIE NORTON Not only is Natalie Norton dedicated to living what she calls a “purpose driven life,” but she’s committed to inspiring others to do the same. Natalie speaks to audiences around the world on the subject of purpose and peak performance. In 2011, she founded the Breathe Intensive, “a business and lifestyle rework for moms who also happen to be entrepreneurs,” and her authentic, full-of-life writing and photography are consistently featured in local, national and international publications. Her first full length title is The Power of Starting Something Stupid, co-authored with her husband, Richie. Natalie is most fulfilled by her work as wife and mother of four boys.

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