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The professional coaching industry is exploding because people understand that having a life or business coach is the absolute best way to maximize their success.  And there are thousands of men & women stepping forward to become those coaches.  However, most of them never realize their dreams of creating a lucrative, fulfilling, and sustainable business for a number of different reasons, all of which can be avoided by following the right plan.  Master Results Coach Sean Smith will illuminate that plan on the show.

Today on Make It Happen Radio, I'm excited to chat with Sean Smith.  He's going to be sharing with us how coaches can build profitable businesses.

On this show you'll learn:

- Why some coaches are broke.

- What you can do to build a profitable coaching practice.

- How to market yourself and build your pipeline

I love that Sean is real and authentic, as you can see by his bio below, he's left his ego at the door and he's ready to share what YOU need to know to build a strong business as a coach.

Sean Smith is a father & husband first, speaker/coach/seminar leader second.  He has an amazing wife of 14 years and two incredible kids he can’t say ‘no’ to. 

Sean is a slowly recovering perfectionist, a world class procrastinator, and is currently involved in a on-going, vicious battle with his inbox.  He is 100% flawed, cracked and troubled with all the same internal blocks and challenges that make us sacredly unique and beautiful as humans.  But Sean is completely obsessed with figuring out this game of life, how the mind works, why we hold ourselves back, and teaching anyone who will listen what he learns along the way. 

At the age of 13, he was almost killed by his next-door neighbor, which taught him that none of us, no matter what our circumstances, is promised our next breath.  He vowed to himself to live a life of greatness, never settling for mediocrity.  However, despite that promise, he still struggled for the next 20 years.  Until he learned about the power of the unconscious mind…

Sean is now a Certified Master Results Coach and founder of where he helps new life & business coaches gain confidence and clarity as they launch their message into the world.

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