Parent Nation - Dad Day! July 1 at 11:00am ET

Parent Nation, this ain't your mama's parenting show!

Each and every week, Tara tackles all the latest hot button and pop culture issues facing parents and kids. She also dishes up filter-free conversations with her fellow mom friends (you know you want to listen), and introduces you to guests whose take on all things parenting just might make you spit out your drink - or raise a glass in their honor.

At Parent Nation, we LOVE dads! To celebrate them we feature them the first Tuesday of every month!

We call it Dad Day!


Adam Dolgin is the creative force behind Fodder 4 Fathers, a dad blog that champions the "New Dad" and his contribution to the 21st century family. Since coming on the scene in 2010, Adam has quickly made a name for himself as an outspoken common sense parenting advocate, educator, and innovator who believes entertainment and education go hand in hand when reaching out to new parents in their greatest time of need. To learn more about Adam and his work, visit:

Al Watts is an 11-year veteran stay-at-home dad to four children ages 12 to 6. He is President of the National At-Home Dad Network when he is not driving kids to soccer, hockey, theater or the emergency room. He is also the author of his first and favorite book, Dads Behaving DADLY: 67 Truths, Tears and Triumphs of Modern Fatherhood (Motivational Press, 2014). Follow him @BehavingDadly.

Tara shares her rant with us and she and Kelly will give their MOVIE Review on Hunger Games and Up! Please call in with your two cents about these two movies!

So pull up a chair, shake up a cocktail, and kick up your heels while you tune in to the refreshingly real talk about what it takes to be a functional - and fun - parent in today's wild world of raising kids.

Call in to join the conversation 866-404-6519

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