Blythe Lipman, Author of Baby Instructions and host of Baby and Toddler Instructions

Blythe Lipman founder of Baby Instructions and host of BabyandToddlerInstructions


By Blythe Lipman, Baby Instructions


Blythe Lipman founder of Baby Instructions and host of BabyandToddlerInstructions.

When should you start reading books to your baby? What is the right age? Is it silly to read to them when they can't understand the words...or can they?

BabyandToddlerInstructions is hosted by Blythe Lipman. Blythe has taken care of over 1000 babies in the past twenty-five years. She worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Boston as a volunteer while attending Boston University. Blythe is the president of Baby Instructions in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has set up infant rooms with turn-key operations in many preschools throughout the country. She works extensively with new parents, providing seminars, tips and daily phone calls of reassurance. Blythe presents workshops sharing her expertise and easy-to-use tips to make those first years the easiest and best! Her parent books have won numerous awards of recognition. Blythe Lipman is also a featured writer for the following publications:,,, and

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