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Author YOU - Your Guide to Book Publishing with Dr. Judith Briles ... Everything You Want to Know, But Didn't Know What to Ask

Before you hire a single publishing consultant; someone to "fix" your book; someone to "design" your book; some to create the "cover" of your book; someone who has anything to do with your book ... you want to become a regular listener to this show.

The single biggest mistakes new authors and wannabe authors do is rush to publish ... along with failing to understand that publishing is a business, that ALL authors needed editing and that they MUST learn how to market their books and IMPLEMENT on ongoing marketing plan of action. Today's variety of publishing methods has created more trash than the book buying public needs, or wants. Why? Simply because authors are "publishing" without caring or knowing the ins and outs of being an author and publishing a book. They get duped by publishers, publishing and others who want their money. The predators of publishing. And sometimes, they get duped by themselves.

Author YOU - Your Guide to Book Publishing with Dr. Judith Briles ... Everything You Want to Know, But Didn't Know What to Ask reveals:

• Where book publishing is going and how can you take advantage of it.
• How to identify and avoid the publishing predators that are lurking at every nook and cranny in the beginning author's journey.
• What opportunities are emerging as the book trade evolves into new forms.
• The dollars and sense of publishing.
• How to create a book and in which format should it be published.
• How to identify which format is for you and how to begin the first step?
• How to avoid losing money.
• How to create your Book and Author Platforms.
• How POD could be a publishing disaster in your strategy.
• How to build a team a publishing team that works? 
• How to determine which eBook platforms work for your book, where to publish and how. 
• How to identify which marketing strategies work best with print and ebook, fiction and nonfiction  
• What to do if you've been seduced by a publishing predator.

• Where to secure Foreign rights sales.
• How to take advantage of social meda platforms.
• How to determine which social media platforms are right for you and your book. 
• How to ID which gadgets and gizmos will make your authoring and marketing worlds more efficient.

• Why the savvy author niches a book.
• How to determine which publishing option is best for you.
• How to sell tons of books with speaking engagements.
• The key elements that will lead to your book success.
• How to create your Book and Author Platforms. 
• How to determine which eBook platform is right for you.
• How to strategize and market your eBook.
• What the critical factors are in creating a Book Launch. 
• How to create an Author Website that works.
• Why you should consider marketing via an Author or Book Blog.  
• The critical cost of publishing. 
• And SO much more

If you want to write and publish a book ... if you want to be successful as an author, Your Author YOU - Your Guide to Book Publishing with Dr. Judith Briles ... Everything You Want to Know, But Didn't Know What to Ask is for you . You will hear about statistics, scenarios and strategies on what to do now! As The Book Shepherd, Dr. Judith Briles is in and each week. She will include publishing professionals that will reveal tips and secrets to the author's journey. If there is a book in you, you want to listen, learn ... and yes, call in with your questions each week.

Dr. Judith Briles is the Author of 37 books, Publisher, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of, a membership association designed for authors who want to be seriously successful. Nineteen of her books have been published with New York houses. In 2000, she created Mile High Press to publish her future books as well as others. And in 2019, she created the FIRST published author's hall of fame: the Colorado Author's Hall of Fame with inductions in odd-years.

Based in Colorado, she's published in 17 countries and has grossed over $5,000,000 with book sales, speeches generated form book titles, consulting and sponsorships from her Author and Book Platform ... a Platform that started with just one book-one idea-an idea that was rejected by 28 NY publishers. Her latest publishing books are The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors & Writers, Snappy Sassy Salty: Wise Words for Authors and Writers, and Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms. She has also authored Show Me About Book Publishing co-written with book marketing guru John Kremer and master book publicist Rick Frishman. Book #38 is in the works right now--The Author's Guide to Book Marketing.

Judith is the Founder of Author YOU a membership group of 400 plus authors and small publishers, is a past president of the Colorado Authors League and has organized numerous publishing conferences.

Throughout the year two amazing days (Friday and Saturday) are dedicated to her Unplugged Experiences: Book Publishing, Book Marketing, Social Media, Speaking held in Denver, Colorado. Three jammed packed days that bring in a variety of national author and publishing experts that are guaranteed to change your author success ratios. This is just Judith alone in Denver, Colorado .. no other speakers -- you will have The Book Shepherd and Master Book Coach working with a select number of authors on a variety of topics and exercises related to you the Author, the development of your Book, the creation of a Speech that is guaranteed to get you gigs and book sales.

If you want into JUdith's Mentoring program, Judith's 6-month online group coaching, webinars and laser one-on-one coaching. Don't miss out ... info is on her personal website, under the Events tab,

Judith knows publishing. Known as The Book Shepherd to many, she's personally guided hundreds of publishing clients throughout to publishing success. Each year, dozens of the authors she works with in creating, developing, strategizing and publishing achieve national status with multiple book awards.

Judith Briles understands the core ingredients to strategize a book; create and develop it; publish it and achieve success. She knows the pitfalls and the joys of publishing and authoring. She gets it ... she understands it ... she knows how to deal with it ... and she wants you to get it, too. Judith is an ABF: Author's Best Friend.


How Speaking Can Morph Your Book Sales


Throughout the month of June, AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing Host Dr. Judith Briles will be the solo voice on a variety of topics. This week’s is about the power and privilege of speaking. It’s a book marketing platform that should not be ignored.

Can speaking on your book … your expertise … morph your book sales? Why YES … YES it can. And the sooner you start speaking on both, the better for your influence building, your social media presence, and of course, your book sales.

Your listening takeaways include:


  • Why you should be speaking on your book and when to start.
  • When to start charging and what to charge for your speaking fee.
  • Why handouts are a must and what each should always include.
  • The key components that every presentation needs.
  • Why every presentation should have a contract, even free ones.


And, of course, much more.

Tune in for lots of ideas and how-to tactics via the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast. Since its inception, over 7,000,000 listeners have downloaded various shows for practical publishing and book marketing guidance. Join me and become a regular subscriber.


Listen in at: 

Listen in at:

Listen in at:

Listen in at:



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Show Alert- The FUTURE for Authors ...


NY Times bestselling author and Futurist Daniel Burrus joins AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing host Judith Briles in an “author forward for success” podcast.

Get tips and secret sauce on what took him to become a magnet for NY—and why he’s now publishing differently.

-How to make a proposal that puts all others to shame;

-a variety of excellent book launch tips;

-the key to overall success.

PLUS—you have a bonus … Dan is giving everyone the hardcopy of his new book that illuminates the power of being a positive disrupter, Anticipatory Organization-Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage—grab it here: and listen to podcast here:



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Hot Writing Insights from a Master

Every fiction author would love to have a master in writing as a Mentor. In the latest edtion of AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing, bestselling co-author and writer of the Left Behind series Jerry Jenkins shares his wisdom to ease you into being an author. Such as:


  • Do you know the 3 things authors fear the most in writing a book and publishing? 
  • Have you created a writing routine? 
  • Would you like tips for when and how to do your research? 
  • Do you know the difference between a rough draft and a revision? 
  • Do you know the cycle of a manuscript?
  • Do you know the critical components of an author's platform and why you should care?
  • Did you know that scheduling that procrastination could be a good thing?
Jerry Jenkins has writen close to 200 books. He's sold in excess of 71 million copies. Get ready to lister to a master of the written word.


You will … and much more. Get them on the latest podcast via @JerryBJenkins @MyBookShepherd @JudithBriles:

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Are You Writing and Publishing for 2020 Success?


The year 2020 opens an array of opportunities for authors. In book marketing. In building influence. In expanding their brand. In publishing success. In selling more books.

It all starts with the CORE--what is the author and book about? Who is the market for the author's insights, savvy solutions, awesome storylines? Let the year 2020 be about your vision and then what needs to be identified and implemeneted to support it.

Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd and Host of the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast delivers 20 essential tips to propel author success in 2020. Including:

-Expand ways to add hashtags to your postings.

-Reveals of how to boost your social media profiles.

-Refining the "who" of Who your are writing and publishing for.

-How to create an easy-peasy eNewsletter that supports your expertise.

-How to create a realistic "get it done / to-do" list ... and why.

-Revisit your Author Central page, update it, add photos, and link to your blog.

And much, much more. It's another AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast that you don't want to miss.

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How to Use IngramSpark for Book Success

IngramSpark Creates the Bridge for Authors

Do you know what makes a professionally looking book? You should--it will be the "deal breaker" for most buyers if you miss the mark.

Get the inside scoop from Robin Cutler, the Director of IngramSpark on what makes and BREAKS a book in a book buyer's decision process.

-design items that make buyers crazy.

-what authors need to do now to sell more books.

-what's new and great about the POD world.

All this and much more with AuthorYOU-Your Guide to Book Publishing host Judith Briles and IngramSpark's Robin Cutler.

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