March 8th: Should You and Your Book Have a Book Publicist?

March 8, 2012

Should You and Your Book Have a Book Publicist?
Should authors do their own publicity ... or should they hire a publicist ... or should they do both? Those questions and much more will be addressed in this week's Your Guide to Book Publishing. You will discover:
  • Is there a better time of the year to release a book?
  • Should authors get a publicist?
  • What does a publicist cost?
  • When is the best time to hire one? 
  • What are the key elements that a book needs to get the attention of the media? 
  • What does a marketing campaign cost? 
  • Which types of shows should an author be on?
  • When should an author say, "No," even to Oprah?
Join Dr. Judith Briles and her special guest, book publicist Stephanie Barko this Thursday on Your Guide to Book Publishing.Stephanie was honored with the 2011 Preditors & Editors’ Readers Poll for Best Book Promotion Service.

Also joining Judith will be Henry Ayala from Tu-Vets Printing who reveals a variety of printing tips for products that will support your book.

Another lively hour on Your Guide to Book Publishing with Dr. Judith Briles at 6 pm EST, author of Show Me About Book Publishing and Creating and Developing Your Author and Book Platforms.



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