Book Fulfillment and More! 8-2-2012


Show August 2nd ... Authors NEED a Book Fulfillment Partner

Having a book fulfillment relationship isn't just for the heavy book sellers. Any author who has a book, who has a mission, who wants to get the word out about their book, ideas and marketing ...  needs it. Find out the tricks and hot tips to maximize your book sales experience.

Everyone publishing a book is at a different stage. Do you ship your own books, or do you get help? Questions you should be asking include:

  • How does fulfillment work?
  • Is book fulfillment for me?
  • What does it cost?
  • What is "consumption obstruction"?
  • Can an author really make any money if someone does all the shipping?
  • Do you want to know the #1 secret for upselling your books?
  • What else can a fulfillment company do besides books?

If you have a book and you want to sell it (and other stuff), this program is for you!

Another jam-packed session on Your Guide to Book Publishing with Dr. Judith Briles. Her guest expert for this hour will be Bret Ridgway, from Speaker and Author Fulfillment Services


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