Twitter Rocks in Book Marketing! Show 10-11-2012


Twitter Can Rock Your Book Marketing!

Is your book marketing feeling limp? would like like to reach out to mega thousands in just seconds? Have you thought about doing a video on Twitter--did you know you could?  Your marketing will be 90% of your energy ... and your success... maybe 100% of the success! You have to ...yes, you have to, use the social media tools that connect with buyers and believers. Twitter is a terrific resource.

  • ID the magic key to Twitterland.
  • How to expand your followers with content.
  • The 10 Mistakes to Avoid 

And so much more. 


Another lively hour on Your Guide to Book Publishing with Dr. Judith Briles at 6 pm EST, author of Show Me About Book Publishing and Creating and Developing Your Author and Book Platforms.


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