Creating Key Messages for your Book and Platform Using Savvy Copywriting Strategies Show on 1-9-2014

All authors need to promote themselves and their books, few do a great job at it ... after this show, they will insider tips with a successful copywriter that will make your words and copy soar. Here's what we are covering during this hour:


  • What the heck is a Key Message Copy Platform and why your book needs one.
  • What is the primary advantage of having a Key Message Copy Platform
  • How you organize and set up a messaging platform
  • What “sections” do you typically include in a messaging platform
  • When should you create your messaging platform? Before  book? During? After?
  • What should you really focus on when creating marketing messages for your book
  • What if you have no plans to write your own marketing materials? Should you still create a messaging platform?
  • Get copywriting tips that would generally apply to most of your marketing messages
  • Bonus tip: Info on website copy ...



A fast hour is coming with guest Casey Demchak.

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