The Secrets of Book Shepherding Show 1-1-2015

Today, on Author U-Your Guide to Book Publishing, Judith will deep-dive into all the nuances of working with a Book Shepherd ... from your idea to manuscript to execution to the TaDah--your book.  She is solo today... as a Book Shepherd to hundreds of books that have launched, she "see's books" and wants to make sure that the author sees his or her book as well. Her website is

Book Shepherd's are master project managers of the creation of your book. A Book Shepherd should be a master of multiple components in publishing--from writing, to design, to marketing, to knowing what players will bring your book alive and so much more.  Publishing isn't a piece of cake--it's work. A great Book Shepherd is the icing on your cake.

  • What is a Book Shepherd?
  • Where do you find one?
  • What does a Book Shepherd cost? 
  • What are the must haves/dos in working with a Book Shepherd?
  • What can a Book Shepherd do for the Author and the Book?
  • What does a Book Shepherd cost?
  • What is the Author's responsibility in working with a Book Shepherd?
  • What is the Book Shepherd's responsibility in working with an author?
  • What about social media, can a Book Shepherd help here?
  • What about marketing, should a Book Shepherd know what needs to be done?
  • If the clock could be wound back, what should the author do, and not do?

And, as always ... much more.

Another great hour with Dr. Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd and CEO of

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