Mishaps & Mistakes Authors Can Avoid Show 1-8-2015

With upwards of 3 million new books being published every year, it's tough to achieve publishing success. As an author, even if you've written a great
book, there are so many missteps you can take that can derail your chances
for success. There are things you need to do before you write, marketing that
needs to take place before and after your book is printed and so much more.

My guest, Bret Ridgway, has been a guest on this show multiple times where
he's shared his insider knowledge about the world of information marketing.
His latest book is co-authored and titled: Mistakes Authors Make: Essential Steps
for Publishing Success
that can help your learn to avoid the fifty biggest mistakes
that authors make.

  • What's the end game for your book?
  • How many of the "hats" that an author might wear really fit you?
  • The little talked about subject of book consumption
  • How are you going to attract the browsing buyer?
  • Building name capture mechanisms inside your books
  • Are you ready for the big stage?
Another terrific program with Dr. Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd and Host of Author U - Your Guide to Book Publishing.
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