Using Publicity to Build Book Buzz Show 2-19-2015

The experts agree that publicity is 10 times more valuable than advertising ... but what is it ... and what do you need to do to get it for your book? Critical questions and today's show has the answers.  

Judith Briles' guest today is Sandra Beckwith, a book marketing coach and award-winning former publicist. She talks, and reveals, what it is and how to get your share of it. Sandra will even divulge some of her insider success secrets that come from years of working with the press. Hot!

Throughout the hour, they will cover:


  • What is it?
  • How does it differ from advertising?
  • Essential buzz-building mindset.
  • Using that mindset to attract media attention.
  • 3 best and easiest-to-use publicity tactics.
  • How to build a publicity media list.
  • Mistakes to avoid.
  • Common mistakes even the pros make.
Make sure you subscribe to Sandra Beckwith's free e-newsletter, Build Book Buzz at for twice a month book marketing tips and how-to advice.


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