Creating a Book Trailer for Your Book Show 3-19-2015

Production – Video Press Releases and Book Trailers     

 Does an author need a book trailer for his or her book. Let's start with a few questions: 

           1. Is video important for the promotion and marketing of a new book.  Yes.

           2. Are there as many ways to make a book trailer as there are books.  Yes.

           3. The most popular question about book trailers?  How much will it cost?

And how much is a red car? 

Statement 2 above tells you there are many MANY ways to create a book trailer and just as many price points.  Here is a link to an actual book trailer production – and the cost of this one was around $15k


 Here is a piece created by the author for no outlay of actual funds. (But your time is worth something, yes?)


 And everything in between.  You truly can find an option for every price range. 

You are going to learn a lot in this edition of AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing with Dr. Judith Briles and her special guest Susie Scott, producer at



*Book trailers is a very broad term. Indeed there are productions in the same style as movie trailers, but most often video support for book releases falls more into the “video press release” category.

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