Publishing Essentials: ISBN, LCCN, CIP and more! Show 3-17-2016

Holy Moly—make sure that you aways get first dibs on any remainder #books with a #publisher-that's one essential aha you riwll take away on today's show on AuthorU- Your Guide to Book Publishing as it deep dives into the Alaphabet Soup of ISBNs, LCCN, CIP and so much more.


  • the latest on ISBNs, LCCN,
  • how to get the CIP date registration
  • what the “red lights” are in publishing contracts 
  • why you need to avoid any that have the phrase “mutually agreed” in them
  • why you want to have a reversion of rights
  • as well as first dibs on remainder books.


All that in this jammed packed podcast via @MyBookShepherd, Judith Briles.  #authors #book #selfpub #publishing

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