Pets and Music..What could be better for the Holidays!!!

I had the BEST show ever for the last show of 2015 on FrankieSense & More. Next year is already shaping up to be amazing;)

Marc Abraham, aka Marc the Vet, the UK's VET OF the YEAR , Recipient of RSPCA Hero Awards, was on hand to chat with us about how to keep our pets SAFE during the holidays. Do's and don'ts about PET giving during the holidays and of course, PUP AID, his organization that he founded to END Puppy Mills and STOP disreputable breeders. Marc also produced Dog by Dog, a full feature documentary on the PUppy Mill industry.

Chloe Collins was also on hand. Chloe is a 15 yr. singer/songwriter from New York, who just laide down her EP in Nashville titled 5@15 which was produced and recorded at Grind Central Station in Nashville with Mikey Reaves producing.

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