When Elder Abuse turned to Animal Abuse


When Elder kathycharlieae35276bfc17d448bedcc76b2006740bAbuse turned to Animal Abuse

From Dog Lovers to AT the Movie this show is going to be wild.

Kathy Tarachione is a beautiful soul, the owner of Pet Productions inc and is a huge animal lover, who has a special place in her heart for dogs. Kathy has been a life long contributor to shelters because it causes her great pain to know that a wondeful pet is being killed so she tries to help save as many pets as she can. Until now. You see she is the victim of elder abuse. A couple who worked for her, asked her for a LOAN to help pay their mortgage and feed their child. This couple even called Kathy “Mom’.
Well being a widow, disable and 70, Kathy was lonely and ripe for the picking as they say. However, she began to have nightmares when the animals she is used to saving weren’t recieving her help because this Loan was never repaid. Eventually, she had to take this couplee dayle to court and she Did WIN the judgement. However, the courts expected her to go and pick up the money. RIGHT!! Well this couple began posting that they didn’t know who she was, that this woman was bat shit crazy and they egged her home, took the air out of her tires. etc. It seemed the whole town was against her. However, when they sent the sheriff out, he immediately saw that she was a target of abuse.  Kathy has COPD and congestive heart failure, which means its very difficult for her to breathe and must use an oxygen tank at all times. Honestly, how do the courts and judicial system think this woman is going to get her money back? Why don’t they HELP HER!!!
Lee Day is a Celebrity Pet Hairstylist, Entertainer, comedian,and creator of Bark Mitzvah and Pet Weddings. Lee has been helping to raise awareness of Kathy’s situation and is a great supporter of all pets.

Lee is well knoBrent_Marchantsm2awn for saving Rabbi Otis, her singing dog and partner who helped her perform bark mitzvah’s and weddings for celebrity pets and their owners.

Brent Marchant is The Good Radio Networks new Movie Correspondent and will be making a monthly appearance telling us about Movies with Meaning. 

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