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Welcome to Geraldine Teggelove Live! Geraldine has a Doctorate in Metaphysics, specialising in the area of emotional healing. She is a spiritual life coach, intuitive, International bestselling author and musician. Following a turbulent and harrowing journey of losing it all through financial disaster, to now living what she describes as her ‘perfect life', Geraldine has become an expert in the 3 R's - Re-defining, Re-inventing and Re-building a happy and successful life.

Like the ancient alchemists, Geraldine discovered how to light that secret fire within, burning away everything that keeps us from living our dreams. She is now passionate about helping others to weave the same magic through all areas of their lives to create a transformation of happiness and success.

Using the wisdom of Mother Nature as her guide, Geraldine assists you in discovering your very own unique gifts and talents, and the courage to live them. She understands what it is like to live a life that brings no fulfillment, or stand in the ashes of a completely burnt out life, trying to figure out what to do next. She knows how easy it is to slip into depression, lose your self esteem, and hide from the world. The exciting news is that Geraldine is here to help you understand that it does not matter where you are right now, how overwhelmed you feel, or how impossible the task of turning your life around may seem ... YOU CAN DO IT!

How to Make Your Heart Sing!

How to Make Your Heart Sing!

Here in my part of the world, we are currently enjoying a beautiful spring and all that it has to offer. It is such an amazing time of year and a great metaphor for our lives. All around us are reminders of new growth and a time of blossoming ... such beautiful reminders to each of us to step back and take a look at our lives to see if we are creating new growth within self and therefore blossoming in new and wonderful ways. I must say that this time of year always puts me in my happy place and makes my heart sing!

But, as we all know, spring comes and goes and we need to be able to put ourselves in our happy place without having to wait for spring to come around! LOL So how do we find that happy place on a regular basis so we can make our heart truly sing? Simple really ... through Meditation! Now that seems quite a contradiction seeing as to how most people meditate in silence rather than jumping around singing and dancing and feeling totally happy ... but in my view, this can also be a form of meditation! Well, regardless of how you meditate ... and we will be going through a number of techniques today, because meditation really does make your heart sing in so many ways!

Today, I will be sharing with you some of the what's, the whys, the when's and the how's of meditation! I would love to break through and dispel some of the myths around meditation, and bring it back to a very simple process which will, in turn, allow you to see unbelievable change in every area of your life.

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Using Music as a Powerful Healing Tool!

Using Music as a Powerful Healing Tool!


This week's show is all about healing the deepest hurts in our hearts using music! How does this work? Well, that's exactly what I would love to chat about. Now, you may have heard me talk about this before, but this is definitely a subject that I feel compelled to share on a regular basis as I know from personal experience how incredibly well music has worked for me when I have been at my lowest in the emotional stakes.

I would like to begin with a quote from Deepak Chopra: "the reality of music is the shimmering, beautiful, invisible form that haunts our memories without ever being present in the physical world."

Just as the Shamanistic healer enters the spirit world through chanting and dance to heal the patient, it is through our use of music and song that we connect with the Source of all things - it is like an invisible bridge that connects us with to the world of infinite potential and possibility where true healing takes place! Music allows us to totally live in the now moment and the opportunity to experience another part of self ... that part which is pure health and wholeness.

My focus is on helping you understand what happens in your life when you allow music to feed your soul. I will be chatting about:

  1. How does music heal?
  2. How do you know what music is uniquely healing to you?
  3. How often do you have to listen to certain music to have it work?
  4. And a simple guide to having music work in your journey to healing

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Have You Got What it takes to Succeed?

Have You Got What it takes to Succeed?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES!!!

Bill and I have just returned from a fabulous few days away ... time for some quiet time to begin the process of creating a brand new season of our life. The excitement of planning is something not to be missed! And when you know without a doubt that being part of this amazing Universe means that anything and everything is possible, and that it is just waiting for us to design our next experiences ... now that is truly the spice of life!

The great news is that every single person on this planet has been given the gift of imagination, so there can be no excuses in not using this gift to imagine what you would love to see in your life. And if you have been going through huge challenging times, then this is an absolute must as it is the first step in climbing out of the struggle and moving on with your life. The trick is, once you have imagined what you want, you then have to keep imagining this over and over and over again ... every single day until it shows up in your physical reality. So what is today's show all about?

Creative imagining ... I will be sharing with you some fabulous ideas of how to have your creative imagining work for you in a huge way ... and you can begin right in this very moment! I will be covering:

  • What is Creative Imagining
  • Why it is important to learn and master this
  • How it changes our lives in amazing ways
  • The secrets to having it work
  • How to put this into action in our lives

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Overcoming Hyper-Stress & Anxiety: Week 7

Overcoming Hyper-Stress & Anxiety: Week 7 - Dealing with the Outcomes of Loss

So often when this subject is raised, we immediately think of the super serious end of the spectrum - military personal or fire fighters or police etc - and there are obviously very good grounds for this happening. But there are so many other reasons why people go through incredible stress filled times in their lives, and quite often, these get over looked, and consequently, the people involved shrink into a hidden world without the help and support they truly need. These are the beautiful souls that I would love to focus on in this show ... those who are experiencing or who have experience loss in some way, shape or form in their journey of life, and are not sure how they will survive the outcomes of their very personal traumatic experience of loss.

What I want to make very clear right from the outset: even though you may be feeling completely and utterly devastated, you are certainly not alone! There is always help to be found from around us and within us, but we must open ourselves to recognising and accepting the help when it is offered. Does this mean you are never going to feel all the emotions that go hand in hand with loss? Definitely not! What it does mean, that you have the personal ‘know how' tools, and power within you to lessen the negative outcomes of loss.

Okay, so what does this all mean for this week's show? Well, I am going to be discussing and hopefully giving you lots of insights and strategies to deal with your loss so that you can face life once more with a song in your heart and a tiny smile on your face:

  • What are the normal responses to loss?
  • How is your loss impacting you and your life?
  • Is it possible to find anything positive within loss?
  • How can you embrace loss & still thrive?

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Overcoming Hyper-Stress & Anxiety: Week 6

Overcoming Hyper-Stress & Anxiety: Week 6

Over the past few weeks we have been taking a very close look at how we can overcome hyper stress and anxiety, and get back to living the life that we were meant to live! I am sure we all know only too well what happens when we allow both of these symptoms creep into our everyday lives and then continue to grow until they overtake everything we do. Simple tasks become mountainous, relationships difficult to maintain, staying healthy a constant battle and so on and so forth.

Yes, we definitely need to take some form of action, but we also need to make sure we know what we are dealing with through obtaining sound advice from experts in the field.


My Guest: Dr Stacey Kaltman

This week, I have the pleasure of chatting with my guest, Dr Stacey Kaltman who is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Georgetown University School of Medicine.  She is a licensed clinical psychologist and mental health services researcher. Dr. Kaltman's research focuses on the development and evaluation of sustainable mental health interventions for underserved populations in primary care settings, with a focus on the impact of trauma.  In addition, her current research focuses on how to simultaneously treat diabetes and depression in low-income patient populations.  Dr. Kaltman's teaching focuses on doctor patient communication, including instruction in both basic and complex communication skills as well as behavioral and psychosocial aspects of medical care.

To Contact Dr Kaltman:

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