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Welcome to Geraldine Teggelove Live! Geraldine has a Doctorate in Metaphysics, specialising in the area of Spiritual Fitness - the essential guidance and support needed to achieve great results. She is a spiritual life coach, intuitive, International bestselling author and musician. Following a turbulent and harrowing journey of losing it all through financial disaster, to now living what she describes as her ‘perfect life', Geraldine has become an expert in the 3 R's - Re-defining, Re-inventing and Re-building a happy and successful life.

By putting together the winning combination of ancient spiritual teachings, the incredible wisdom of Mother Nature, and the practical applications of quantum mechanics, Geraldine has developed a very unique process that anyone can use to create amazing results in any area of their lives. 

She understands what it is like to live a life that brings no fulfillment, or stand in the ashes of a completely burnt out life, trying to figure out what to do next. She knows how easy it is to slip into depression, lose your self esteem, and hide from the world. The exciting news is that Geraldine is here to help you understand that it does not matter where you are right now, how overwhelmed you feel, or how impossible the task of turning your life around may seem ... YOU CAN DO IT!

Reshaping your Reality in 2019

Reshaping Your Reality in 2019You may be very happy with your lot in life and not require any re-shaping whatsoever, but there are many people out...

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The Importance of Mastering Your Spiritual Fitness!

The Importance of Mastering Your Spiritual Fitness!Today's show brings together 5 beautiful women from around the world sharing their experience of...

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Reaching for the Stars - Living the Dream!

Reaching for the Stars - Living the Dream!Mother Nature is the most wonderful mentor and coach. She helps us understand what it is to be living in a...

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The Mystical Part of You!

The Mystical Part of You!Yes, we all have a beautiful mystical side or a spirit part of self. On this show, I explore this Truth and help you...

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Transformation in 7 Steps

Transformation in 7 StepsAlchemy is not only the art of transformation, but also a guide to the 7 essential steps that need to be taken in order for...

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