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Life is about daily re-engineering ourselves towards our Lim-it-Less potential, by taking advantage of the greatest untapped resource – you! 

Together, we will hear compelling stories of other individuals in hopes of one thing: how do we get to know ourselves?

Patty Wyatt is a Mediator, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Relational-purpose expert, who will help you find a formula that can change your world.

How do we go from “Dreaming iT, to Living iT?  

By taking iT one step at a time. 

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Marriage During a Pandemic w/Kim Wahl and Patty Lynn Wyatt

New York Times stated the coronavirus crisis has inspired what seems to be a surge of divorces in the United States, Hmmmm . . . why is that?Listen in...

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One of The Most Powerful Relationships in Your Life: The Mother-Daughter Relationship w/Paris Wyatt and Patty Lynn Wyatt

It is one of the most charged relationship. So how do we tap dance pass this tricky-tricky relationship? A healthy relationship allows the daughter to...

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A Riveting Story to Freedom w/Jaime Gratzl and Patty Lynn Wyatt

So the question?How do you get past shame, the pain, the chaos?At times it’s impossible to gain certainty and direction in your life when the...

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‘129 Ways to Get a Husband’ w/ Chloe Moore, Rebecca Nevius and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Just for fun and a little bit of kicks, we decided to take a peek at an old McCall’s women magazine from 1958. The list “129 Ways To Get A...

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Are YOU Living A Balanced Life? w/ Esther Smith and Patty Lynn Wyatt

At what point do you realize self-care is a necessity? Are you being self-destructive or are you applying tiny habits to help you crush-it in...

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