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Rallying You To Do The Remarkable!

Patty and Lisa: speakers, authors, relational-purpose gurus will help you find a formula that can change your world.

Life is about daily re-engineering ourselves towards the remarkable by taking advantage of the greatest untapped resource – you! Patty and Lisa’s unleashed and sticky ideas will highlight: effective communication, tapping into your sphere of influence,changing your attitude, and making your life matter.


What can I do TODAY to empower myself? ~ Sgt. Carlos Evans ~

What are things you can do, right now to empower yourself and step into your God-Given -Purpose? 

At times do you feel as though everyone else is moving towards their goals and dreams faster than you are? Do you ask God, “why me? Why do I get stuck in these situations?"

Sgt. Carl Evans is well aware of being stuck. Of facing the difficulties of life, and living in shattered dreams.In their new book, Standing Together: The Inspirational Story of a Wounded Warrior and Enduring Love, Carlos and his wife share their trials of facing severe injury, rehabilitation, post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction. Theirs is a true story of hope and courage in the face of astonishing challenges. 

Is there a simple answer? Listen in for some tips . . . 

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It ~ Between Us Guys: Life-Changing Conversations for Dads and Sons with ~ Joel Fitzpatrick

Do you agree with this statement?

Boys are more likely to be violent and unable to express their emotions than girls?

Listen in to a great discussion going on about toxic masculinity leading to pent-up aggression, frustration, isolation, problematic relationships, violence, anger, and other devastating realities. 

It’s clear raising boys today requires a new definition of what it means to be a man. 

It’s more important than ever for fathers to be role models and have gospel- centered conversations with their sons about becoming a man.

Today we are chatting with Joel Fitzpatrick, author of Between Us Guys, as he shares how dads are given an incredible opportunity to be the primary influence in their children’s lives.  

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Best Tips for Relationships with Phil Lynn

When we face a difficult world each day, we can sometimes wonder if God even cares. We often start our day asking

these questions:

  • Where is God when I need Him?
  • How come I am stuck in this relationship?
  • Why don’t I feel Joy?

Today we are going to unpack some of these questions by discussing these topics relating to our relationships.

Step in with us as we discuss real issues and various successful styles to put into practice and improve who you are and how you show up in your relationships.

Let’s get to the core and eliminate the outside noise from being shallow and guarded to exposing your vulnerability. Yippee!!!

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More for Mom ~ Kristin Funston

Working Moms are on the RISE!

Awesome tips for:

Hard working moms ~ on how they can look at each day and each facet of their life to discover what happens when they believe God has more for them than what they think the world needs from them. And what He has available is a whole and holy life, just waiting to be claimed–The pieces of each mom’s life–the work life, mom life, social life, etc.–are mended together through Christ.

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GirlfriendIt Pressure Points~Navigating College Stress

“What are a few of the stressors students wrestle with in today’s culture?”

Our modern age is saturated with technology, constant cynicism, streamlined digital communication, heavy negativity, relationship status posts, and instant information access—has shaped the way many young people deal with the pressure points of life. 

How do we help the next generation with these pressure points?

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