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Life is about daily re-engineering ourselves towards our Lim-it-Less potential, by taking advantage of the greatest untapped resource – you! 

Together, we will hear compelling stories of other individuals in hopes of one thing: how do we get to know ourselves?

Patty Wyatt is a Mediator, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Relational-purpose expert, who will help you find a formula that can change your world.

How do we go from “Dreaming iT, to Living iT?  

By taking iT one step at a time. 

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What Are The Signs That My Child Is On Drugs? W/Pam Campbell and Patty Wyatt

5 Reasons Teens Start Using Drugs & Alcohol• Peer Pressure. ... • Self-Medication & Escape. ... • Performance Improvement. ......

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Incredible Women of the Bible ~ Dr. Amy Jill Levine and Patty Wyatt

Who is your female hero in the bible? Who were the women, present at the cross and the tomb? Why did these women follow Jesus, and how do we...

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Is Our Prison System Broken? ~ Ken Sheets and Patty Wyatt

Problem: Only 33% of all released inmates in Arizona stay out of prison.The Solution: Along Side graduates are a different story - 92% who get out,...

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Resiliency - w/Zan Aufderheide & Patty Wyatt

Have you ever lost someone you truly loved? Have you ever had a miscarriage? Dealt with losingsomeone to suicide?Have you had a horrific divorce?...

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Do what you would do for free and then make revenue! w/Zan Aufderheide & Patty Wyatt

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