What Did You Just Say? w/Patty Wyatt and Girlfriends

Create a contingency plan: Bounce it! You have to bounce back after you are an idiot! 

                                             4 "ITS" that will bounce it!

1. Amend it.  Right! Get vulnerable. Write a small personal note — an email, a text — show the offended person how sorry you are.

2. Forgive it – Ask God what you can learn from this? Is it something you need to ask for forgiveness (go to the person or to your self?)

3. Label it: Pinpoint exactly what you said. Then you can say goodbye to IT and then you can forget it!

(UCLA study lead by Matthew Lieberman, PhD, found that by labeling our feelings — attaching certain words to them — we can better manage anxiety and depression. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) shows that when we verbalize our feelings, the activity in the amygdala part of the brain, our fear center, is reduced.) 

4. Get beyond it - At some point we have all messed up with our words. Yes, you feel terrible. Yes, regret it. But, regret is toxic - so bid IT farewell and let IT go!!


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