Who Am I & Who Am I With? Jessica Pierce and Patty Lynn Wyatt Part 2

 How do you deal with all of the dysfunctional people around you at work? 


If we are not careful, skillful and understanding of others, there can be a real misinterpretation of another’s feelings, intentions and meaning. 

Which ultimately can lead to damaging a relationship.


To get the fullest value from an understanding of personality styles, YOU have to first understand your own. Everyone has preferences, approaches and communication issues. This is why it is important to understand communication styles in order to be diplomatic and tactful.


 How do you get around all of the crazy?


4  types exist:


D - Dominance (short-tempered, fast, and irritable

 I – Influence (enthusiastic, active, and social) 

S - Steadiness (relaxed and peaceful) 

C - Conscientiousness(analytical, wise, and quiet) 


Let’s invest by learning how we can best understand and work with each other.

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