Call To Relationship - Shelia Jones and Allen McCray

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Call To Relationship - Shelia Jones and Allen McCray
Thursday, April 26, 2012
Special Guests: Shelia Jones and Allen McCray
LIVE at 12pm EST on Toginet Radio
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Is your phone near by?  How often have you used it today? 
What if that last call or text you received was from God himself?  How would you respond?
Listen to the show today and be challenged to pick up!  Take the call-answer the text; quit screening and fight the contagious complacency germs that linger and accept His call.  (Matt 4:19). 
Patty and Lisa chat with special guests Shelia Jones and Allen McCray today and each of these guests have received the call and are acting on their call! 
Shelia Jones is a pastor's wife, mother, teacher, and author.  She became a disciple of Jesus as a child but later experienced the Lord in a life-transforming encounter.  After this revival, God called her into a teaching and writing ministry where she passionately shares her testimony and the truths learned from daily hours in prayer.
Allen McCray is the founder of Life Impact, and holds graduate degrees in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling as well as many certifications for LIFE coaching through TTI in Scottsdale, AZ.  He is a husband, father, grandfather, Business owner, and former pastor who helps people hear and follow their own call.
Listen with us and let's take the call-the call to relationship and get involved in something bigger than ourselves.  


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