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Love and the Red Carpet with Bethany Jett

Thursday, February 28, 2013

LIVE at 12pm EST on Toginet Radio

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We are sitting in the Miami Airport waiting for our flight, staring at the overhead TV monitor watching the celebrities walk the red carpet - it's Oscar Night! Cameras are flashing, microphones are waving and the celebrities are poising for gawking onlookers and paparazzi. The world is watching . . . and so are we!

One part of us is intrigued, the other is sad. Yet, we want to watch . . . only because it is convenient. It raises questions about our culture and our fascination with celebrities. We want to know what they are wearing, who they are with, and are they likable? Is this idolatry and perhaps a little narcissistic? 

What do we love? What do we value? What do we display on our own "red carpet" in life? We all have a red carpet that we walk that symbolizes the things we love and value. 

Are you absorbing the world's values or Gods?

In 2012, Bethany Jett won the Florida Christian Writers Conference Writer of the Yearaward. Her debut book, The Cinderella Rule, hits bookstores in Aprilof 2013. She is represented by Amanda Luedeke of the MacGregor Literary Agency. Bethany speaks to parents and teens, mentors students in her youth group, coaches cheerleading, and is raising three boys with her husband.  Bethany will be chatting with Patty and Lisa - don't miss it!

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