Girlfriendit: Summer Reading

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one. -George R.R. Martin

You're never alone when you're reading a book. -Susan Wiggs

Do you usually have a Summer Reading Plan? Summer is a great time to find yourself a relaxing, reclusive spot or basking in the sun sitting on a beach chair - all alone (too much of a dream?) with your favorite beverage, comfy attire and a good book! If you are a reader, summer is usually the time to find a good book, which allows you to get lost in your imagination and thoughts and take a journey with the characters to lands far away, or places of the heart where emotions run deep.

Here's how we usually categorize our book lists:

  • Books we want to read
  • Books we should read (recommended for our benefit)
  • Books we mean to read but there are others screaming louder for our attention
  • Books we want to reread
  • Books we have set aside for summer reading (for fun and adventure)

I (Lisa) started my summer reading with a favorite that has now become a summer tradition: Gift From The Sea by Anne Murrow Lindbergh. This has been a good reading summer as I have experienced a variety of books, including classics like Jane Eyre and inspirational ones such as, Love Does by Bob Goff.

I always walk away from a book with something new to ponder or a challenge. Sometimes I like my new pondering thought and sometimes it creates tension (shows me something I need to change within myself). Books are great mentors in my life. How about you?

We'd love to hear on our Girlfriendit Facebook page about a book that has captured your attention or inspired you recently - a book that you just couldn't put down and caused sleep deprivation!?

Joining us this week on Girlfriendit Radio is a friend and author, Robin Lee Hatcher who has penned many books. We'll be talking about her latest and the journey her characters take in their heart's pursuit. Here's a book you might want to add to your reading list?!

Robin Lee Hatcher: Author of the recent book, The Heart's Pursuit and winner of the Christy Award and ACFW's Carol Award, Hatcher delivers another thought-provoking historical novel, sending her hero and heroine on a life-changing trek. The characters remind readers that finding forgiveness and healing are often a journey - literally and spiritually. ~ CBA



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