Girlfriendit: Changing-the-World-One-Ruby-Shoe-at-a-Time! #Wicked

Have you ever had a paradox in your thought process, and if you stop to think about it long enough you might even be borderline embarrassed to admit what you were thinking?

You know, those thoughts that are so shallow and insignificant you wouldn’t want to repeat them out loud? OK  . . . so I won’t actually say them, but since I feel like being very transparent right now, I will write them.

It started with an email I received from Lisa who is in Jerusalem. She shared, “Going to walk the Old City this afternoon. Went to the Sea of Galilee yesterday and have spent two nights in Nazareth. Toured the places where Jesus grew up. Pretty amazing.”

I responded with, “Took my girls to go see the Broadway play Wicked last night. Walked in old town Tempe. Spent the last two nights making sure my fingernail polish matched my ruby red high-heels. Pretty amazing! Changing-the-world-one-ruby-high-heel at a time??!! #Wicked!

We had a good laugh over this, but there was a bit of reality in my heart. In the midst of feeling that I’m an idolater low-life, (Not really, but it helps with embellishing the story) decadently enjoying the insignificant frivolous things of existence, while Lisa is out praying having “Holy Land Moments!” Really? Who cares that my fingernails match my shoes? Is that going to make a difference to the kingdom?

With that thought, I paused to pray, “God I know I don’t need to be at the Sea of Galilee, I know you have me living my purpose right here, right now, experiencing you. Please help me to be bold in the adventures that you have me on in this season of life, even as I wear ruby shoes.

(This is where my day gets weird . . .) My doorbell rang and my neighbor was standing there. He said, “I don’t want to bother you, but tomorrow could you come over and be with my wife for a few hours so I can go to my doctor's appointment? (His wife has cancer and she was told last month that she only has a few months to live.)

I normally don’t have microwave prayers, but believe me it was exhilarating to have God respond so quickly. I have been praying for my neighbor and inviting her to church for the past year. What an honor do be able to be in her presence so we can sit together in ‘His presence’. Who knows, maybe God will arrange a place for her in heaven and she will be wearing the ruby shoes!

Join us as we learn together how to apply our faith with Dr. Michelle Anthony, the vice president and publisher of learning resources at David C Cook and a popular speaker in the area of family ministry. (She is the author
of Spiritual Parenting, The Big God Story and Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family.)
We also have Megan Marshman, the director of student resources and production forDavid C Cook and has led and challenged thousands of students in their faith at Christian Camps.

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