Girlfriendit: Questioning Evangelism with Randy Newman

What difference can 15 minutes a day make? Listen in to find out what and how.

Also, great dialogue with our guest, Randy Newman, author of Questioning Evangelism and a Senior Fellow for Evangelism and Apologetics at The C. S. Lewis Institute in the Washington, DC area. He is also an adjunct faculty at Talbot School of Theology

Questioning Evangelism offers sample conversations and suggested follow-up questions on a variety of topics that arise in evangelistic conversations, including:

 Why are Christians so intolerant (or homophobic)?

 Why does a good God allow evil and suffering such as terrorist attacks and AIDS?

 Why should we believe an ancient book written by dead Jewish males?

 If Jesus is so great, why are some of His followers such jerks?

Let us know what you think???

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