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Who can find a virtuous woman? That is what she strives to be. She is a woman in love. There is nothing in her household that is more important than her husband. He can trust her. They are a team. She loves to create, contribute and beautify.

Minister Diane Jones was born in Sacramento, CA into a military family. Her father was in the United States Air Force so she could accurately be called an Air Force Brat. Her early childhood years included traveling to places like Germany and the Philippine Islands exposing her early to different cultures. In her pre adolescent years, the family and life she knew was destroyed by Alcoholism and Mental Illness which lead to her being emotionally, physically and sexually abused by her parents. These abuses lead to her being placed in Foster Care until the age of eighteen.

In spite of the trauma of her early years and even more trauma in later years, she went on to become a successful wife, mother, Registered Nurse and Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Minister Diane accepted the call to Ministry and was ordained in December of 1999. The Lord told her not to let any one label or limit her in doing his work, "You are a minister because I want you to do whatever I need you to do". This directive has allowed her to serve as a Nurse, Foster Parent, Praise and Worship Leader, Preacher, Teacher, Counselor and Prophetess. Together with her husband she currently serves the Body of Christ through their home based ministry "Equipping the Saints Minitries". Her greatest passions include outreach as an Assistant/ Volunteer with her husband who coaches Men's Basketball for the USAF and ministry through the sharing of her personal testimony and first book "The Story of Me". Since her first book, Diane has released Overcoming Sexual Abuse by Minister Jones (Inspired by the Holy Spirit) in which she shares insights about what sexual abuse is and how to overcome it and her latest autobiography The Story of Me a Black Nurse in which she deals with the issue and tramas caused by racism.

Minister Diane's education consist of her life experiences including nursing training, a Bachelors in Theology and most credibly, attendance in the School of the Holy Spirit who is the greatest of all teachers. She currently resides in Maryland with her wonderful husband, friend and companion Minister Chris.

For speaking engagements/Book signings/ Music Ministry contact Minister Diane @ For Book information go to: Jones/The Story of Me, The Story of Me A Black Nurse and Overcoming Sexual Abuse.

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Tis The Season for Deliverance 11-27-18

Recently I read an article in which the author pointed out how tough it is for families and interpersonal relationships around the Thanksgiving holiday.  I hadn't consiously made note of this observation as a general rule. I was aware that I had experienced great stresses and pressures leading up to the Thanksgiving holidays for the past several years. When reading the article, I realized that the stressors and opposition that many people face during this time of year is due to demonic activity in the atmosphere because Satan opposes anything to do with thanking God or family coming together.  What an eye opener. I hadn't noticed this opposition until moving to the east coast.  Considering the level of oppression and dysfunction I've observed during ministry since relocating to the east coast, this makes perfect sense to me now.

So, what hope can be offered to those who are dealing with family members who have behavior problems that are disruptive?  The answer, deliverance.

Counseling has its place, church attendance has its place but many are in need of good old fashioned deliverance from sin and demonic oppression or possession.  Thus the re airing of our series on Deliverance.

November 26, 2018 through December 17, 2018, we will air encores covering the process of Deliverance.

May you find peace and fulfillment through God's power to set captives free this holiday season.

Minister Diane

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Happy Thanksgiving Season 11-19-18

Thanksgiving is a very special time of year!

We are in a season of restoration and recouperation.  We look forward to more R&R this Thanksgiving Holiday.

Enjoy our encore "Seasons" tonight.

Remember to be grateful and thankfyul for all that God has done for you. 

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Out Reach Update Regarding Bethany Inc. 11-7-18

After three years of service, much effort, much prayer and counsel, Equipping the Saints Ministries has severed it's ties with Bethany Inc.

We'd like to say our time of service was fruitful and it was in many ways but we faced great opposition within the organization towards our message of sharing love, being respectful, team work, pointing participants in the direction of Christ and operating in a spirit of excellence and integrity.  These qualities are not an option for us when working for a Christian based organization.

The word of God instructs us to share the message of Christ with those who receive it and to shake the dust from our feet and depart from those who don't.

We parted peacably and all parties agreed it was time to part but we no longer endorse Bethany Inc. of Washington DC.

We at ETS are certain the Lord is pleased with the service we provided to Bethany so we are not in despair.

We will be taking time to rest and be rejuvinated for the next assignment the Lord has for us.


Keeping ur listeners informed,

Minister Chris & Diane

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Encore Countless Answers to Prayer 10-29-18

Tonight's encore will be Countless Answers to Prayer

This show is intended to encourage our listeners to keep praying to God about all of your cares because he cares for you.

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Overcoming Sexual Abuse Is Crucial To A Society 9-29-18

I've been exremely busy and had not had the time to pay attention to all the media coverage of the Ford v Kavanaugh scandal.  Notice I said scandal for that is all this frenzy is, a scandal perpetuated by scandalous unrighteos people.  After talking with a brother of mine, I finally listened to both Ford and Kavanaughs opening speaches from the Senate Hearing last Thursday and found my self furious and unnerved.  My brother felt Kavanaugh should not be confirmed without further investigation of Fords allegations but I had not listened to any of the coverage so I didn't want to form an opion prematurely.

After listening to the speaches, I found myself passionately conveying the content of both speaches to my husband but also voiced my frustration that there was no righteous standard involved in the proceedings.  There was no common sense or wisdom being excersised in how Fords accusations were initially and presently being handled and viewed.  I chalked all of this up to confusion, straight up confusion and chaos.  That is what resullts from rebellion against Gods ways and standards, confusion.

Are these proceeding worthy of all the attention they have generated?  What is the motive?  As Judge Judy often says, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it's a duck. This scandal is a duck.

I was surpised to learn that Judge Kavanaugh had already endured 31 hours of hearings, 65 senator meetings and answered 1200 written questions, not to mention he's been investigated by the FBI six seperate times over his career and been through two confirmation hearings before this one.  He was never accused of anything like this before and people are still calling for him to be "investigated" about events that alledgedly occurred thirty six years ago. 

My husband reminded

me of an example of true wisdom on display when King Solomon held a hearing regarding two women, both prostitutes, who had given birth to babies in the night.  One mother rolled over on her baby in her sleep and killed it.  She woke up and swithched the baby with the other mother while that mother slept too.  The next morning the other mother woke to find a dead baby next to her but knew it wasn't her baby.  Both mothers claimed the live baby was their own so they went before King Solomon to decide the matter.  King Solomon's approach was both simple and wise.  He ordered the baby be split in half and  each mother given a half of the baby sense they both claimed the child as theirs.  The real mother cried out no!  Let her have the baby!  The liar said yes, cut the baby in half!  Solomon flushed out the truth.  Wether she was the biological mom or not, the real mother did not want to see the child harmed. Solomon gave the baby to the "mother" that truly cared for it.

Oh God, where are the wise and prudent?  Where is the righteous standard?  Does it take 31 hours, 65 meetings, 1200 questions, seven investigations and three hearings to confirm anyone for any position? What does Gods word have to say about Fords behavior leading up to the alleged events and her present day accusations?

Deuteronomy 22 clearly defines moral and immoral sexual behavior according to Gods law.  Ford testified she didn't know how she got to the "house", she was drinking, she was apparently alone, no brothers, sisters or chaperone was with her, her parents would not have approved of her being there, yet she defied them and went to the unknown location.  If she was sexualy assaulted, she played a part in putting herself in that position.  She that was without sin should not cast any stones  especially 36 years later. If a woman or man is raped they must and will cry out, expose the rapist at the time of the event to receive justice.  If they refuse to do this, it is evidence that they were some how responsible or party to the circumstances. (Not referencing children who may be threatened or cleaverly seduced by pediphiles).

This scandal is only a reflection of how far our society has strayed from righteousness.

Righteousness exalts a nation.  Sin/rebellion against God  is a reproach upon any nation. Arise oh Lord.  Restore this nation to righteousness.

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I'm Not The Same Woman I Used To Be I'm Free is an out reach of Equipping The Saints Ministries Inc. ETS is a a non-profit/non 501c3  organization. Funds will be used to keep this program on the air unless otherwise directed.

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