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Who can find a virtuous woman? That is what she strives to be. She is a woman in love. There is nothing in her household that is more important than her husband. He can trust her. They are a team. She loves to create, contribute and beautify.

Minister Diane Jones was born in Sacramento, CA into a military family. Her father was in the United States Air Force so she could accurately be called an Air Force Brat. Her early childhood years included traveling to places like Germany and the Philippine Islands exposing her early to different cultures. In her pre adolescent years, the family and life she knew was destroyed by Alcoholism and Mental Illness which lead to her being emotionally, physically and sexually abused by her parents. These abuses lead to her being placed in Foster Care until the age of eighteen.

In spite of the trauma of her early years and even more trauma in later years, she went on to become a successful wife, mother, Registered Nurse and Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Minister Diane accepted the call to Ministry and was ordained in December of 1999. The Lord told her not to let any one label or limit her in doing his work, "You are a minister because I want you to do whatever I need you to do". This directive has allowed her to serve as a Nurse, Foster Parent, Praise and Worship Leader, Preacher, Teacher, Counselor and Prophetess. Together with her husband she currently serves the Body of Christ through their home based ministry "Equipping the Saints Minitries". Her greatest passions include outreach as an Assistant/ Volunteer with her husband who coaches Men's Basketball for the USAF and ministry through the sharing of her personal testimony and first book "The Story of Me". Since her first book, Diane has released Overcoming Sexual Abuse by Minister Jones (Inspired by the Holy Spirit) in which she shares insights about what sexual abuse is and how to overcome it and her latest autobiography The Story of Me a Black Nurse in which she deals with the issue and tramas caused by racism.

Minister Diane's education consist of her life experiences including nursing training, a Bachelors in Theology and most credibly, attendance in the School of the Holy Spirit who is the greatest of all teachers. She currently resides in Maryland with her wonderful husband, friend and companion Minister Chris.

For speaking engagements/Book signings/ Music Ministry contact Minister Diane @ For Book information go to: Jones/The Story of Me, The Story of Me A Black Nurse and Overcoming Sexual Abuse.

I'm Not The Same Woman I Used To Be I'm Free is an out reach of Equipping The Saints Ministries Inc. ETS is a a non-profit/non 501c3 organization. Funds will be used to keep this program on the air unless otherwise directed.

Contact Us at: 301-913-4279, or write to us at Equipping the Saints Ministries Inc. PO Box 72 Waldorf, MD. 20602

Producer- Diane Jones, Technician-Christopher Jones, Theme song lyrics, I'm Free written by Harry Hudley, arrangement and guitar, Christopher Jones, Vocals, Diane Jones

Special Guest Betty Ann Sommerville to Appear

Radio Ministry Update:

Live show: 11-23-20 with Special guest Evangelist Betty Ann Somerville @ 7:00 PM


Betty Ann will share an uplifting testimony of how she got sick, died 7 times and

came back to life!

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Election Day 2020

Today is Election Day.

This is probably one of the most important elections of this generation!

Everything that America was created for is on the line!

Many believers, myself included (in the past) have not understood the importance of utilizing their voting rights because no one in my personal life had demonstrated this value to me.  My early life was also in much turmoil so I couldn't even engage in this area for many years.

The Lord was the one who first inspired me to vote back in 2004.  He prompted me to vote saying Bush needed to be re-elected to ensure a 4 year grace period for our nation so I voted.  I later understood the Lord's prompting  when Obama was elected as he ushered in a season of wickedness and rebellion against God.

For Biblical context, lets go to the word of God and look at Apostle Paul.  Paul was a Jewish citizen and a Roman citizen.  When he was arrested for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, he knew his rights under each rule and he exercised his rights as he saw fit.

Christians are both Ambassadors in God's kingdom and citizens in some earthly region with right's in both areas. We must advance Gods will in the earthly realm. We must exercise our rights in all areas, be model citizens in the earth, be light in the midst of darkness and be cities that are set upon hills!

We must ensure righteousness has priority in whatever sphere of influence we are placed into.

Vote Vote and Vote for RIGHTEOUS VALUES!

Minister Diane 

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In Loving Memory of Christopher Edward Jones

With saddened hearts, we announce that Christopher Edward Jones, a husband and father, left this earth on September 22, 2020 in the natural and went to meet his Heavenly Father and be present with the Lord. He suddenly became ill and later tested positive for COVID-19. He contracted the virus while doing the work of the Lord, so he literally gave his life in service to his Lord and savior. He was rushed to the emergency room on September 11, 2020, after experiencing difficulty breathing.

Christopher, was a righteous man who impacted this world with a mighty force filled with God-given talents that he used to give praise to the Lord at the best of his ability. He served God, Jesus and his country with all his heart. He retired from twenty years of active duty military service in 2000. He was a Coach/Mentor for the basketball community, an excellent musician, an impactful friend to many, and so much more. Everyday of his life was used to provide for others, but the most important assignment was for him to find the love of his life, Diane S. Jones and create his family with Ephrem Christopher Jones-his son, Shanell Nichole Shields- his daughter, his pride and joy, Nevaeh Nichole Shields-his granddaughter. His additional children include, but are not limited to, Jeffrey Ulyse, Michael Floadley, Joseph Johnson, Derek Hall, Galles Hall, Dakota Rivas, Corey Thomas, Eric White and numerous others. There are no words for the level of impact of this sudden passing but his immediate family is comforted by the fact that he loved the Lord and that he left this earth filled with youthfulness, peace and surrounded by the glow of the Holy Spirit. Currently the family is in the process of making arrangements for his home-going celebrations and will provide more information when available. Thank you for all your prayers, love and support during this difficult time. We invite you to provide any photographs and stories about how Chris impacted your life. We would like you to incorporate them into our celebrations. Thank you all.

With love, The Jones family.

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Promoting The Return

We are excited to promote The Return!

It is just what our nation needs right now!

We are fasting 8/24/2020-8/26/2020 for our nation, for God's will to be done concerning this nation, America to return to her roots and calling to be a righteous nation and for God to bind the forces of darkness that seek to destroy the United States.

Christian, spiritual leaders across the globe are uniting in calls for prayer, fasting and repentance! The Return will be a day of prayer and repentance.  We plan to attend and invite all saints to join this call.  

To participate go to the



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A Night of Prayer

Live Recording: A Night of Prayer

Praying for the future of our Nation! Join us in prayer!


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I'm Not The Same Woman I Used To Be I'm Free is an out reach of Equipping The Saints Ministries Inc. ETS is a a non-profit/non 501c3  organization. Funds will be used to keep this program on the air unless otherwise directed.

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