Election Day 2020

Today is Election Day.

This is probably one of the most important elections of this generation!

Everything that America was created for is on the line!

Many believers, myself included (in the past) have not understood the importance of utilizing their voting rights because no one in my personal life had demonstrated this value to me.  My early life was also in much turmoil so I couldn't even engage in this area for many years.

The Lord was the one who first inspired me to vote back in 2004.  He prompted me to vote saying Bush needed to be re-elected to ensure a 4 year grace period for our nation so I voted.  I later understood the Lord's prompting  when Obama was elected as he ushered in a season of wickedness and rebellion against God.

For Biblical context, lets go to the word of God and look at Apostle Paul.  Paul was a Jewish citizen and a Roman citizen.  When he was arrested for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, he knew his rights under each rule and he exercised his rights as he saw fit.

Christians are both Ambassadors in God's kingdom and citizens in some earthly region with right's in both areas. We must advance Gods will in the earthly realm. We must exercise our rights in all areas, be model citizens in the earth, be light in the midst of darkness and be cities that are set upon hills!

We must ensure righteousness has priority in whatever sphere of influence we are placed into.

Vote Vote and Vote for RIGHTEOUS VALUES!

Minister Diane 

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