Manna and Murmuring

Diane was doing some study in the book of Numbers today when she ran into chapter 11 which tells us about God's anger towards his people for murmuring and complaining about his process and provisions for them in the wilderness.

In verse 1 God consumed them with fire for complaining against him.

In verse 7 she saw that the people complained because he only gave them manna to eat each day.

She looked up the description of manna which described it as made of Coriander seed and looked like the color of Bdellium.

The people ground it, beat it into a paste, baked it and made  it into cakes.  It taste like fresh oil.  That didn't sound appealing compared to fish, cucumber, melons, leeks, garlic and onions.  It is understandable that they grew tired of the manna.

In spite of that, Diane was greatly aware of how much it displeased God that they murmured agaisnt him.  This awareness was accompanied by a weighty feeling.

Oh Lord, she cried, Help your people to realize their blessings and see things through your eyes!

We are blessed beyond our undestanding!   

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