Veronica Wright /Rancho Santa Margarita, CA/Deliverance (Kurrack):

As a child, Veronica Wright couldn’t possibly have known that her grandmother had been the head witch of a coven in California and her grandfather had served as a High Priest and had given his family line over to Satan in exchange for power. Just as her mother had been in line for the generational curses, Veronica was also to become a victim.


Veronica’s parents had tried to break away from the horrors of her mother’s past and began going to church. They wanted to appear as the perfect Christian family.  The curses, however, had not been broken and “secrecy” was the family motto.  Veronica was only six when the babysitter molested her 8 year old brother in 1971.  She cringed as he screamed! She and her older sister told their parents, but their concerns for their brother were ignored.  Her mom and dad famously justified their callous behavior with verses like the one in Philippines, “…forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead.” They believed counseling and prayer were not really necessary and everything difficult, evil or shameful should just be dropped and forgotten!


When Veronica was 11, the brother she loved began molesting her!  In confusion she assumed all big brothers did this to their sisters.  With no one to tell and no safe place to go, Veronica swallowed an entire bottle of her mother’s prescriptions.  When she didn’t die, she began pulling her hair out until she had bald spots. By 13 she felt she was losing her mind! Her brother relentlessly continued the abuse, and at the same time her mother targeted her with cruel insults and criticisms.  Again, she couldn’t know that her mother had been horribly raped as a child during a satanic ceremony and she was in the process of losing her own mind!


Even when Veronica was 18, her brother snuck into her room and sexually attacked her.  A fight ensued which scared him off, but after that she could never sleep soundly.  Often he would watch her sleep and wait for an opportunity.  By this time in her life she had started remembering other instances of sexual abuse from her past which had been hidden in her mind for the sake of sheer survival. 


In 1985, when Veronica was 20, she married a committed Christian from her church – Jerry Wright.  She knew he would keep her safe and she now wanted to really get to know her God. As she raised her four children, she studied the Scriptures and became a powerful Christian teacher. Often, she would speak to hundreds of women at various church retreats and assemblies about drawing closer to God.  In 2007, for the first time, she was asked to give her own testimony.  She panicked because all of her secrets were tucked away in little boxes in her mind. Then, as she delivered her carefully chosen stories she suddenly stumbled in her words when glimpses of even more horrifying memories flashed through her memory. “Why now, Lord?”  In the days that followed she cried uncontrollably and lost her grip on her life and her faith.  She felt as if she was unraveling at the seams!


Veronica’s condition threw her 23 year marriage into turmoil and she desperately sought the help of a Christian psychologist. With Dr. Storm’s questions, even more memories began to surface! The process of revealing was so painful!  When she told Dr. Storm about her cruel and secretive family, she also exposed the truth about her brother.  She soon found out that that what he did was not normal behavior!


Veronica’s husband knew nothing about the secrets of her past, so she had to find the courage to tell him.  She also needed to confront her brother about his actions.  That was even tougher!  They had remained close over the years.  In July of 2008 she invited him to one of her sessions and he sat across from her with a confident smile.  She was afraid he would deny his abuse.  To her amazement, he admitted to what he had done – and to him it was no big deal!  She went on to explain all the confusion and pain his inexorable sexual abuse had caused her, but he insisted that he felt no need to apologize.  He was a pillar in his church, yet he felt no repentance or sorrow!  Veronica asked if he would like his son to do the same to his daughter, and he gave no response.  When Veronica mentioned her mother’s coldness and cruelty towards her, his reply was, “Let mom be mom!”  Deeply shocked, Veronica found her “voice” and asked him to leave!


That July 8th Veronica drove to the ocean and cried out to the Father.  As she mourned, God’s presence filled the car and the revelation of God’s love for her permeated her soul.  Grief surrendered to hope as she felt the assurance that God wanted her free from the continued abuse and haunting memories!


Because of her brother’s lack of remorse, Dr. Storm began to probe deeper into the possibility of a generational curse. Now he pressed Veronica for more family details.  Veronica had found out about her grandparents’ satanic activity after she was married, and she was deeply ashamed.  Even as a strong Christian she had no idea what to do about it spiritually.  Dr. Storm gave Veronica and Jerry a tape series about breaking generational curses, and as a believing couple they prayed and asked the Father to show them how to break the power of the curse over their branch of the blood line.


As Veronica reflected back to the damage the curse had done to her entire family she realized that no one had gone unscathed:  Every woman in the family line had been sexually abused, beginning in childhood.  One of her uncles actually killed his two children.  Violence and cruelty reigned in all of the extended families as everyone dutifully kept their own vow of silence.  At least for Veronica, the sin had to be exposed and the curse had to be completely broken.


Dr. Storm then orchestrated a meeting with Veronica’s parents, brother and sister.  They were furious that she revealed the family secrets and claimed that Veronica was lying. They felt they needed no one’s help and denied all of the issues.  Veronica announced she was leaving because they refused to face the truth, and her mother cried out, “That’s not fair!  We’re not done with you yet!”


Through the fervent prayers and counseling that followed, complete and joyous deliverance did come!  Today Veronica is free from all the pain and poignant secrets of her past.  Satan was promised a family, but through the power and blood of the living Savior, and because of the authority given to believers, the chains from the past have been broken in her own family! Veronica has learned how to properly utilize the Word of God powerfully and effectively!  Today’s Veronica’s ministry has expanded because her book, Boxes of Secrets, and her personal experiences with God’s liberating power have allowed her to reach a new audience:  She reaches the captives with the message that Jesus Christ has come to set them free!



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