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On December 18th 2010 I participated in a ladies only tea party.  Although we were few in number we had a warm, wonderful, divine time.

The mission was simple and pure. Our host wanted to inspire women to connect with each other in a personal way.  Most women experience the same types of challenges, have hopes and fears but most don’t have true friends and settings to share these events and feelings with.  The mission was accomplished!

Even though the host is an Evangelist, she reported she did not want the event to be centered on evangelizing but hoped the event would be an inspiring, enjoyable get away knowing that she could provide spiritual insight to those in need if the need arose.

The tea began around 3:30PM. By 4:30 the remainder of the guest arrived.  They were served tea from a varied selection of Mangos, Vanillas and Greys and filled up on crab balls, quiche, lemon cake and ginger snaps.

After much laughter and chitter chatter we pretended to be girls again by coloring, cutting, pasting and creating our own paper dolls.  Each paper doll had its own name, costume and came with instructions that each woman had to follow.  Once the doll was created, she was brought to life by her creator.  Mysteriously, the doll each woman picked and created was a true reflection of her creator and complimented that individual.  It truly was divine!

The ladies said “we’re free, we don’t have anywhere else to be” Before we knew it, it was 9:00PM.  Where did the time go?  It flew by so quickly.

Our host wanted to make sure every woman had something special to take with them so she sent them out with their own paper doll and a trinket from a beautifully decorated gift basket.  There was something for every one.

Although we were in no hurry, the evening came to an end.  It was tea time, a divine time and we celebrated life and loved one another!  I was glad to be a part of this special occasion.  

Diane Jones 2/24/11

The host requested to become anonymous 3/1/11


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