Prophetic Dream 5-3-12 Exacting Accounts- Economics

5-3-12 Dream Journal

Us, me and Chris somewhere, lots of people, all kinds around us.

Someone was passing out flyer's and gave us one.

The flyer had information about a new program for buying homes.  Homes for

700.00 a month.  The information was specifically for Blacks (African Americans).

The program included a presidential appointee as an ambassador to the U.S who

had surveyed the land/area for qualified homes and implemented the program.

We were in the midst of other people when we received the flyer but the people

around us got the news too.  All the people and the activity seemed to stop at once.  

We immediately headed to the place mentioned in the flyer to see about this new



(In the dream I sensed the program was initiated by the President/Government but I also sensed

mixed reasons and motives behind implementing the program)

* The President wanted to secure being re-elected

* His constituents backed him with this agenda because they felt it would benefit     them in the long run because they believed Blacks would not be able to sustain      their homes even if they purchased them at amazingly low prices, so they would benefit from the defaults of foreclosures.

* Gods plan- use this program to benefit his people, which includes  

   Blacks who have suffered due to generational curses like we have (He

   rains on the just as well as the unjust)

When Chris and I arrived at the place to apply we were surprised to see

we were next in line and we qualified for a home at the super low rate. 

Interpretation: God is a just God.  He sees all things and he justifies all


Thank you Lord for exacting accounts.

Diane Jones 5-4-12 



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