Special Guest Dr. Gregory R Reid 11.25.13

God has done amazing things in this mans life and he is glad to tell others of Gods power and ability to heal and deliver from the afore mentioned traumas. Like countless others, Dr. Reid has experienced first hand the horrors of sexual abuse and the occult. Like me, he has experienced the restoration power and the love of God who rescued him from the bondage of his abuser.

In 1997, Dr. Reid embarked on what would be the most dangerous,difficult and phenomenal work God had ever given him. He began to work for the WATCH NETWORK, a ministry established to inform, teach and train law enforcement, professionals and churches about the danger of satanic crime. At the same time he was approached by a missionary's son, Tim Gamwell, and asked to take part in a home Bible Study for a handful of kids who were involved in the occult and wanted to learn about God. For the next ten years, he was part of both of these works, in 1989, he branched out from the WATCH NETWORK and began traveling and speaking on my own-training and speaking to well over 200 criminal justice, medical, professional and church groups and agencies since then. The youth group exploded, and in ten years' time, he probably saw over 1000 kids come through their doors seeking Jesus. It was the most awesome time of ministry he had ever known.


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