The Supreme Court is not the Supreme Court

This is a day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it knowing that he is in control.

Today the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Same Sex Marriage on a national level. We mourn this decision. There is no such thing as same sex marriage in the eyes of God. Regardless of the Supreme Courts decision on this matter, God is "Supreme". He ruled on this matter many years ago and he does not change.

There will rough times ahead for all Americans but know that God is with us, "his children", in this hour. You may be forced to declare your faith in him. Be bold concerning this should it happen.

At Equipping the Saints Ministries, God has called us to increase our fasting and praying, these are the weapons of our warfare. 

We will continue to war that his will to be done and that his kingdom will come. Amen.


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