Independence Day 2015

Thinking about our nation's true foundation, the time before government as we know it.   A time when people loved their neighbors, elders were worthy of respect and youth.  A time when I felt safe in the world in spite of the horrors I faced in my own house hold growing up.  A time when people knew right from wrong. Today we continue to grieve the loss of those precious days as a whole.  We know we can't live in the past.  We also know we have a personal responsibility to keep the values we hold dear alive.  We vow to do just that.  Our foundation is firm in our faith in God.  We will have no other God before him.  As for we and our house,  we will serve him.

We love our neighbors.

We honor our parents. 

We respect authority. 

We will continue to stand for what is right,  fast and pray for a Spiritual Awakening in this nation and a return to it's Godly Foundation.  

We will be celebrating what America stood for and joining others today at Celebrate America DC. 

May God Restore America.

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