Out Reach Update Regarding Bethany Inc. 11-7-18

After three years of service, much effort, much prayer and counsel, Equipping the Saints Ministries has severed it's ties with Bethany Inc.

We'd like to say our time of service was fruitful and it was in many ways but we faced great opposition within the organization towards our message of sharing love, being respectful, team work, pointing participants in the direction of Christ and operating in a spirit of excellence and integrity.  These qualities are not an option for us when working for a Christian based organization.

The word of God instructs us to share the message of Christ with those who receive it and to shake the dust from our feet and depart from those who don't.

We parted peacably and all parties agreed it was time to part but we no longer endorse Bethany Inc. of Washington DC.

We at ETS are certain the Lord is pleased with the service we provided to Bethany so we are not in despair.

We will be taking time to rest and be rejuvinated for the next assignment the Lord has for us.


Keeping our listeners informed,

Minister Chris & Diane

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