Border Security 1-9-19

I missed the live address from President Trump last night so I looked up a transcript from his speech and watched some of the coverage and commentary given by CNN about his speech after the speech.  Big mistake.  I was disappointed that CNN's reporters were more interested in putting their spin on the issues than reporting both sides of the issues as conveyed from those more qualified to present the issues.  I did appreciate hearing the 2 representatives, one from Texas and one from California who gave their input about the border issues but don't think it's a reporters job to shape peoples opinions like Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper did.  I continued to read comments from the public on President Trumps Twitter and WSJ's Facebook comments so I could get a feel for the peoples responces and found that there are two views being expressed that greatly oppose each other.  I found that Trump has many supporters and the Democrats have some supporters.

That being said,

I was amazed at the negative feedback I read on the WSJ's Facebook comments as well as some of the feedback I've heard from people in my own community.

I ask these questions,

Did all pay attention to those who had hands on knowledge about the issues?

Did anyone hear the parts about sex trafficking, sexual assauts that happen enroute and the drugs that are being brought across the border?

Do all understand, Trump is trying to keep a campaign promise? If so, who do you think he's keeping that promise to? Answer, other Americans that voiced their concerns to him.

Why are people angry at "him" for wanting the wall as if he's the only one who wants the wall?

Why are people acting like America doesn't have any enemies or threats to our security?

Security is a national issue.  Regardless of who our enemies are and what the threats are, they are real!  As individuals, we wouldn't let strangers break into our own homes, weather they had children or not, regardless of their color or national origin, their purpose etc.  If they broke in, we'd treat them like intruders. Period. The opperative word concerning the border issue is "illegal".

The President doesn't advise himself. He has advisors who brief him on the issues. Some advise other answers to the problem than a wall, others advise him we need a wall.  Seems to me that both views have credibility.  Everyone should offer input that will help mediate both options i.e. build walls in sections that need walls, increase gaurds in sections that need it, implement the technology needed to detect the drugs, build the safe houses etc. not just spew criticism and insults. 

It's clear America has bigger problems than President Trump. It's called DIVISION.  We should be One Nation, Under God, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for All. That used to be our pledge of allegiance.

One fact is true: Americans are divided on the issue! A House divided can't stand! If Americans remain divided, we will be our own demise!


Minister Diane  



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