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5-10-16 With Bangle Stackerâ„¢ Chicago-Area Inventor Brings Uncommon Sense to Jewelry Organizing

Kate O'Malley's innovation goes from "Not today, Mom" to The Today Show!

Like so many products, the Bangle Stacker's roots can be traced to a simple problem: how to organize jewelry efficiently.

One rainy day in July 2014, Kate O'Malley tried to enlist her daughters in a project that tackled the issue. Neither was interested in the least, so O'Malley grabbed duct tape to secure two golf tees and a pair of toilet paper rolls atop a plastic plate.

What initially prompted eye rolls from her tween-age children has developed into an eye-catching product called the Bangle Stacker featuring five vertical posts that hold bracelets, rings and other accessories.

It has made a substantial splash, including a January appearance on a NBC's popular Today program, segment led by Stephanie Sisco, a Real Simple magazine editor.

"That was such a validation of my instincts", O'Malley says. "There are so many people, particularly women, whose dressers are a mess because they don't have an efficient, sleek way of keeping their jewelry organized without stashing it in a box."

Specifically, no other product enables the display of jewelry, rings, hair and other accessories neatly atop a dresser. In addition, one of the competitive advantages of the Bangle Stacker, in terms of appeal to retailers, is that it can be stacked in sets of 20 and therefore occupy precious little retail space.

O'Malley, a longtime television advertising executive before becoming a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters and one son, previously demonstrated a penchant for practical invention. In 2007 she created the I'm Hot You're Not dual insulation non-electric blanket. After procuring a patent for the blanket in 2012, she produced I'm Hot You're Not, which addresses the dilemma posed by so many hot-blooded/cold-blooded partners with contrasting insulation needs.

In early 2015, production began on the first samples of the product. By August, barely a year after that rudimentary rainy-day design, O'Malley began receiving large-quantity shipments.

Made of acrylic, and coming in clear and black options, the Bangle Stacker is a 10-inch wide, 7-inch long tray with five vertical posts: two larger (which can fit a bracelet with a diameter as large as 3¾ inches) and three smaller (especially useful for rings and earrings).

The base retail price is $12.99. Soon, O'Malley plans to offer a wider variety of customized prints and textures at additional price points.

It is also available for purchase at and, meaning customers are organizing their jewelry and rings from across the country.

Listen to our interview with Kate O'Malley LIVE on May 10th at 11:00 AM CST, or download the podcast at your convenience.

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5-10-16 FiAir changes the heated debate over Charcoal vs Gas grilling

The first & only TRULY PORTABLE powered blower for Wood & Charcoal fires!

Nearly everyone prefers the flavor of charcoal, but the time it takes for charcoal to reach cooking temperature can be a turnoff. Some have converted to propane gas grilling for speed alone. Others refuse to give up briquettes or lump charcoal, but use accelerants and/or a chimney to hasten the heat. The process still takes 15 to 30 minutes or more with these traditional methods. Now the days of trading taste to save time are over. No matter how you light your coals, FiAir cuts the time to cooking temperature easily by HALF the time you're used to - typically, just 8-12 minutes.

Who cares if there's a chill in the air with FiAir at the hearth or campsite?

There's nothing quite like the sights, sounds and smell of a real wood fire. Now, a cozy fireside is just two minutes away. It's true: FiAir kindles wood to a robust blaze in two minutes or less and keeps it that way with a few well-placed bursts of life-giving air each time you add more fuel. You can blow on it or use ineffective squeeze bellows and there are plenty of fancy fireplace tool sets, costly accessories and special starters on the hearth and outdoors market. But if you simply want to enjoy your wood fires more and mess with them less - all you need is FiAir.

Meet Alan i Harris, Founding Member and FiAir Chief

After 9 years working with Ad Agencies, I started my own Creative Shop, AiH Group, Inc. in 1974, a Marketing Communications firm whose clients included the Fortune 500 and others whose fortunes were in the making. A few years ago, it was time to retire. I always wished I had a product I could pull off the shelf and say "that'll be X Dollars please" - a very different Business model from the Creative World I came from where every project was different and had to be quoted based on our best educated guesstimate. So, in the new void, my mind turned to a product idea I had many years earlier.

The spark of the idea: impatience.

I love the taste of charcoal grilled food, but hated waiting for the coals to turn white so I could start cooking.
That became a real problem when the kids were young and every time we grilled, there came the repeated mantra: Is it ready yet? We switched to a gas grill to quiet the kids and speed things up, but taste went down the tubes.

Same deal with our fireplaces. We really loved a real wood fire on a cold winter's night, but hated the time it takes to get it going and keep it at full blaze.

One night, I was having an especially hard time starting a fire in our bedroom. After failing with a squeeze bellows (ours had fur on one side and was quite handsome) that did nothing for the fire, I finally resorted to blowing on it until I hyperventilated. As I lay recovering on the hearth, I yelled to my wife in frustration: "Why is this so #?/@# hard? All it needs is AIR!

So I grabbed our hairdryer from the bathroom, turned it on low and aimed it at the kindling. Wow. It worked almost TOO well!

I know I'm not the first to try this trick, but it got me thinking - air really is all it takes, right? Why not make a "hairdryer"- without the heating element (no heat, no power cord) - that can direct a controlled, continuous flow of air to fire from a safe distance? Make it elegant, affordable, portable and battery powered and we're in business. I WANTED ONE! So I set about finding one.

I looked at every catalog that came in the mail, searched websites and roamed through every store I could think of that might carry a product to feed fires like the one I had in mind. I even bought some of them. None had the combination of features I envisioned. I wanted a sleek, lightweight, handheld tool with a battery-powered motor to create continuous airflow. Existing blowers either required users to blow into a tube, crank by hand or plug into an electric power source. I decided I'd have to make it myself.

I was determined but if I could not make it in the USA, I would not make it at all. Happily, FiAir is made in America for Keepers of the Flame Worldwide. We've been shipping for almost 3 years now and the response has been very gratifying: FiAir users in every State and 46 Countries!

Click Here to visit Fiair website to learn more!

Listen to our interview with Alan i Harris LIVE on May 10th at 11:30 AM CST, or download the podcast at your convenience.

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4-19-16 Noah McNeely answers ALL of your product development questions

We are so excited to have Noah McNeely with Product QuickStart back on the Innovation Divaz Show to share once again his knowledge of the industry and product development knowhow.

This show we are focusing on the questions we hear from inventors on a regular basis. Between the Innovation Divaz and Noah it's sure to be an informative, inspiration and fun show!

About Product QuickStart

Don Muntner and Noah McNeely created Product QuickStart out of a passion to meet the product development and manufacturing needs of entrepreneurs and start-ups. They've spent years developing, manufacturing, and launching new products at Slingshot Product Development Group for major brands and companies like the Home Depot, Procter & Gamble, the Coca Cola Company, and Black & Decker. 

Even though they love innovating with big name companies, they've always had a special enthusiasm for working with early stage entrepreneurs and teams that are full of passion, ambition, and great ideas. That's why they created Product QuickStart... both to feed their professional passion, and to provide world class product development and manufacturing services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, early stage companies, and inventors.

Product QuickStart is an initiative of Slingshot Product Development Group, an award-winning product development and manufacturing organization that has been involved in hundreds of product launches over the last fifteen years. So, even though their focus is on early stage companies, Product QuickStart is allied with a much broader design, engineering, and manufacturing team that is one of the best in the business.

Product QuickStart is focused specifically around the needs of early stage companies and entrepreneurs, and allows them to offer you cost effective, streamlined services - but still backed by the full technical and creative horsepower of Slingshot.

Click here to visit Product QuickStart's website today and make your idea come to life!

Listen to our interview with Noah McNeely LIVE on April 19th at 11:00 AM CST, or download the podcast at your convenience.

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4-12-16 Prevent the next diaper blowout with Blowout Blocker

Melanie Miller is passionate about solving the messiest problems in parenthood. As each of her babies made their way through the infant "diaper blowout" stage and, later, the "soaked-at-midnight-diaper" stage, these disastrous situations inspired her to create solutions to these messy problems.

Like most new moms, Melanie quickly grew tired of those diaper messes and lived in fear of diaper leaks that would ruin bedding, car seat covers, outfits and outings. Yet when she looked for a solution, none was to be found. So Melanie, with the help of her sewing machine and a lot of creativity, made her own solution to these stressful and messy situations. Thus came the birth of her fourth "baby", Melzy Baby LLC.

Melzy Baby products transcend the cloth and disposable diaper markets with the first and only reusable diaper extensions! The Blowout Blocker and Soaker Stopper save parents from the stress and mess of diaper blowouts and leaks!

The Blowout Blocker is an extension to a standard diaper, reaching up the back of the baby. It is intended to protect against soiling clothes, bedding, car seats, carpets, etc. from up-the-back diaper back blowouts. It contains the mess for fast, easy and stress free clean-up! A disposable version is coming soon!

The Soaker Stopper is an extension to a standard diaper, wrapping around the front and sides of the child to catch leaks that escape the diaper. Use at nighttime to prevent waking up to a soaking wet baby!
Melzy Baby is also thrilled to be helping out parents with children who have special needs. Children who have a feeding tube or ostomy experience leaks and the Soaker Stopper offers a solution to these issues. They offer custom made products to these and other children who benefit from them.

The Brains Behind the Blowout Blocker

When Melanie Miller's first two children were young she struggled to find a solution to the diaper blowouts and leaks that always seemed to happen at the least opportune times. So she was inspired to create her own solution: The Blowout Blocker and the Soaker Stopper. Today, she sells both products through her company Melzy Baby LLC.

Melanie earned her Bachelors of Health Science from Brigham Young University and, before becoming a mother, worked in the health and wellness industry as a personal trainer and managed two fitness centers. However, she has always had a passion for business and helping people, especially moms, overcome the messiest problems in parenthood. She enjoys sharing her products with other moms who have similar diapering issues.

Melanie and her husband live in Utah with their children, 9-year-old Maxwell, 7-year-old Lincoln, 4-year-old Malcolm and 1-year-old Penelope.

Click here to visit the Blowout Blocker website and prevent your next baby's blowout!

Listen to our interview with Melanie Miller LIVE on April 12th at 11:00 AM CST, or download the podcast at your convenience.

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4-12-16 INSINK 4-1...the ultimate kitchen sink organizer

INSINK 4-1 contains the following items: Katcher,
Kaddy, Kup, two suction bars and one brush.

Never fill your sink to do dishes, soapy water always available, no more food scraps in the sink, frees up space on your cutting board, pre-wash dishes to run the short cycle & more, while saving TIME, WATER, ENERGY & MONEY! Yes a kitchen gadget can do this!


Designed to simplify food prep and washing up, and save water, time and money, this set of three multifunctional containers can be placed, removed and re-positioned in almost any part of the sink thanks to handy suction bars. The katcher fits on top of the kaddy or kup to easily funnel food or scraps from the chopping board; holes in the bottom of the kaddy enable it to be used as a colander for fruit and veg or to drain cutlery and utensils, and the kup can be topped up with soapy water so you can pre-soak cutlery or wash up as you go, without having to waste water by filling the whole sink. Set comprises katcher, kaddy and kup containers, brush and two suction bars. Nest for storage.

Keep hands safe as knives and sharp utensils always remain visible, and reduce your skins exposure to soapy water

Products are dishwasher safe, made from FDA approved materials, BPA free and 100% recyclable. Designed and made in Canada.


Tonis Tollasepp, the inventor of INSINK 4-1, has been a stay at home dad for the past 13 years. This has allowed him to have a greater appreciation for how much work it is as he does all the chores and running of the household. He loves DYI projects, playing sports and spending time with the family while inventing cool gadgets to make life easier!

Click here to visit the INSINK 4-1 website and be extremely efficient in the kitchen!

Listen to our interview with Tonis Tollasepp LIVE on April 12th at 11:30 AM CST, or download the podcast at your convenience.

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