6-10-14 Featured Inventor: Teri Callahan, the inventor of Hangabowls

Chicago South Suburbs cubicle worker Teri Callahan, went from having an idea to having her dream come true.

"It felt like a strike of lightning hit me" said Teri Callahan, inventor of Hangabowls Hanging Cubicle Organizers. I had never invented anything before. But after not being able to find that red pen again and after much wasted time searching for my everyday office supplies, I knew there had to be an easier way. From the second the idea hit me, I never had a doubt that my cubicle organizer would be a great success. So I left my newspaper job to pursue my entire life to making it happen. I knew people would appreciate a stylish brand new organizer that would clear the tops of their desks, make it easier for them to find things and increase productivity. After coming up with the idea and after interviewing many people and asking their opinions, I received an overwhelming positive conclusion that "not only did they like Hangabowls Hanging Organizer but they wanted one". From that point I took it to a large trade show and I knew when investors were coming to me and buyers were making me offers to purchase my company, it was a sure thing. So I pursued my dream and I am glad I did because dreams do come true. Nothing is better then the satisfaction of knowing that Hangabowls Organizers is making peoples lives easier, is filling a want and is filling a need of people everywhere, is extremely rewarding.

For more information about purchasing Hangabowls for yourself visit www.hangabowls.com

Listen to our interview with Teri LIVE on June 10th at 11:00 AM CST, or download the recorded podcast on our show page!

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