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Our feelings can drive so many parts of our lives. These feelings get out of balance when fear takes over. Stress evokes fear. Our bodies go into the "fight" or "flight" mode. What does depression look like and what can you do, other than medication, are good questions.  Occasional anxiety is a part of everyday life but panic attacks are not.  Panic attacks come on suddenly and can hit you hard but practicing some positive psychology can reduce chest pain, pounding heartbeat and nausea.  We all need to learn how to let stress go.

We all learn differently, we process information differently, maybe you struggle to learn with the teaching methods used in a traditional setting.  Are you overthinking things? Don't know how to clock your brain out after work? You are not alone. Do you feel like you are drifting through life?  Are you bored to death? Boredom is associated with a lack of motivation and a dearth of internal or external stimulation. Learn to get focused on your goals, get your brain wiring and firing in the most effective patterns. All these and many more are things that we talk about every Thursday at 3 CST.  Please join us to learn if you "Turn Your Brain On" - "You Will Get Your Game On".

Leigh Richardson has studied human behavior for the last 30 years, initially with a focus on organizational behavior shifting to human behavior in 2003 when she began looking for solutions for her son after traumatic brain injury.  Leigh holds a Master Business Administration and a Master of Science in Counseling as well as Board Certification in Neurofeedback and Biofeedback.  She is a licensed professional counselor and the founder and clinical director of the Brain Performance Center in Dallas Texas.  Leigh is an Author, Turn Your Brain On - To Get Your Game On, an international speaker.

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