How to Finish Strong after Adversity: Don't Just Fly, Soar! with Kelly Markey (Episode #164)

Kelly MarkeyLeigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head with Leigh Richardson speaks with Kelly Markey, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and international bestselling author that’s five-star rated on Amazon. She talks about her book Don't Just Fly, SOAR which she wrote for just ten days during the COVID pandemic. The part memoir, part self-help book chronicles her life as she soared through adversity and into transformation.

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About Kelly Markey:

Composed like a rock of Gibraltar, Kelly Markey generates an inspirational witness as a stimulus made human. Her life spells resilience and speaks of sensational encouragement. A sassy South African native transitioned to a proud citizen of New Zealand and now happily domiciled in Australia, Markey's life and knowledge has touched and conveyed remediable to souls globally. Kelly is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and see herself as a channel-a conduit for insights, lessons gleaned and inspiration.

She strives to live consciously and courageously, relate to others with love and compassion as she wants to leave this world a better place. Markey has over 30 years of professional experience in health IT, including working internationally in 5 different countries for major world gorillas. She has travelled to over 200 cities and has ample in experience; she writes from her well-weighted lived experience. Kelly is a philanthropist and supports over 50 charity organizations around the world. She has recently partnered with Zululand Lifeline in South Africa as a long-term partner to enhance humanitarian cries in Africa as an international bestselling author.

Kelly has inspired and supported thousands of people to navigate their own pivotal life moments. Kelly champions awareness towards making an excellent brand by transforming your mindset. Kelly consciously works to reduce the trauma and ignorance that surrounds racism and discrimination by prompting healthy conversations that matter.

As an international bestselling author, Kelly has been tagged a Renaissance woman and appeared on several international radio stations and newspapers including three magazine cover features.

Kelly Markey has been inundated with requests from a global reader cohort to write another book - countless people from around the globe have awoken to a vibrantly alive and restored life after reading Kelly's debut book Don't Just Fly, SOAR. She has an advantage of speaking five languages and fellowship being with a broad spectrum of demographics from around the world. Kelly is a paragon that is confident and exhibits solid boundaries both in her professional and personal portfolio.

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Check out a combo deal here to purchase Kelly's signed copy of her book Don't Just Fly, SOAR, and a limited edition of her journal!

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