Episode 216: Always Be Vigilant - Using Intuition and Situational Awareness to Protect Yourself from Predators with Barb Jordan and Leigh E. Richardson

Barb JordanLeigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head Podcast speaks with Barb Jordan, founder of Always Bev Personal Safety workshop, educator and public speaker, to talk about protecting yourself from predators, whether strangers or people you know, by always being vigilant and using intuition and situational awareness, and watching out for warning signs and red flags. She provides useful tips and habits you can do to "read the room" and position yourself in a place to minimize danger.

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About Barb Jordan:

Barb Jordan has been featured as a Personal Safety Expert on ABC Good Morning and ABC News-Los Angeles, NBC News-Nashville and Houston, as well as on CBS-Inside Edition. Barb has traveled the world as an elite athlete, coach, broadcaster, and instructor. As a former collegiate 3X All American, 3X National Champion and 7X Gold Medalist as a USA Softball Team member and Coach, Barb is experienced in skilled learning and teaching. As a victim of predatory violence and trauma, Barb channeled her experience and knowledge gained through years of athletics and coaching into studying the skills of vigilance on situational awareness and how to predict unwanted behavior. Barb is trained in Krav Maga and her instruction provides key fundamentals with the importance of body language, using your voice and self defense techniques. Barb is also certified in Active Shooting Training.

Always Bev provides the platform through which Barb is able to share her passion of educating others on personal safety at home, campus, work and social environments and how awareness can enable us to recognize warning signs with people or vulnerable situations. Her commitment to preventing violence and crime with her astute teaching style has captivated audiences across the country. Barb has already positively affected many lives and she welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge with you.

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