Episode 221: The Power of Community and Civic Engagement as a Woman and Servant Leader with Ny Whitaker and Leigh E. Richardson

Ny WhitakerLeigh E. Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head Podcast speaks with Ny Whitaker, CEO, entrepreneur, educator, political strategist and philanthropist, to talk about women and servant leadership, the power of collaboration, community and civic engagement, and the importance of reflection and checking on ourselves and each other.

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About Ny Whitaker:

With three decades of government, corporate, nonprofit, and political leadership experiences, Ny Whitaker has witnessed firsthand both the power of the pen - and the power of the people - to move communities, and our nation, forward.

Ny's journey has taken her from the public housing of projects of East Harlem, to the lecterns of higher education, to the Executive Chambers in Albany, and the wings of the White House.

Ny's mission is to uplift the communities she lives in, works in, and serves by increasing education, health, political, and economic opportunities.

Connect with Ny Whitaker:

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